Torn World - where time is torn

What is Torn World?

Torn World is a shared world, created by Ellen Million and opened to other creators in 2010. It was closed to all new members in 2020, after more than 500 stories, story parts, or poems were written, and more than 500 pieces of artwork were uploaded.

A language was developed, a map was constructed, astral physics were set, flora and fauna were created (including sea monsters and pollinating frogs!), and a long and varied history was laid out...including the fall of a great, advanced civilization that managed to fracture time itself and divide the world into shards of space that developed their own cultures. Key among these cultures was a group of northern villages that herded giant furred unicorns, and a southern Empire that conquered new cultures as the world was gradually healed from its devastating damage.

But the effects of the Upheaval are not all safely past, and our stories unravelled mysteries of invisible monsters, and started to explore the sometimes tempestuous meeting of these two major cultures.

The world was setting to a wide scope of fiction, artwork, music, meta-fiction articles, sculpture, and more, and some of it can still be found independently published below.

During the heyday of Torn World, all work was carefully vetted for canon inclusion, matched against published material, and meticulously archived, but from 2020 and forward, with the closure of the site, the Torn World plots are generally considered divergent; the writers and authors have the freedom to use the premise and build future work that may not fit existing or concurrent creation.

Authors and artists involved include: Ally Loughrin, Amelia Margetts, Amy Waller, Brandie Minchew, Christopher Paul, Deborah J. Brannon, Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon, Elizabeth Barrette, Ellen Million, Elva Birch, Erica Liszewski, Holly H., Jenny Heidewald, Jessica Douglas, Kayleigh Webb, Kir Talmage, Laura Melis, Layla Lawlor, Lorna (Comtessa), Marina Bonomi, Meeks, Melissa Nelson, Mike Hebel, mikka, Miss Harm, Misti, PeggyB, Rhiannon Rose, Ruth Steinback, Siobhan Murphy, Sofia Lindstrom, Tiziano Baracchi, Toni Sturtevant, Uneide, and Valerie Joanne Higgins.


Family Ties and Torn Skies: This collection of stories, poetry and artwork includes work by a dozen creators. Beautifully illustrated and gracefully laid out, this volume is a great jumping-in point for the world itself, with information blurbs throughout to give just a hint of the world-building detail that has been developed. This volume includes 32 stories, 5 poems, and pages of artwork. The trade paperback is 5 x 7.5 inches, 266 pages, perfect bound, with a full-color wraparound cover by Ellen Million. Interior illustrations are black and white. Content is suitable for a general audience. Very limited stock. Buy at Ellen Million Graphics

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