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Legends say the ancients controlled time, and built a world-encompassing civilization on that technology. Then, earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms hit the world - the whole world - all at once. All long-distance communications went silent. When the survivors climbed out of the rubble, they found they could travel only so far before encountering a mysterious and deadly barrier.

The date now is 1521.02.24, according to the Empire that rules most of the continent. The barriers have fallen, one by one, and the Empire is slowly recovering their ancestors' ability to harness time. A marvelous City of Lights is being built on a high plateau, but strange accidents are destroying the new buildings, waking superstitious cries about angry ghosts and sky demons. Citizen unrest is growing.

To the north, a small band of Empire explorers have found new land, unaware that it is already occupied by a small, isolated population of snow-unicorn riders, working under the midnight sun to store enough food to last through the long winter. Tragedy strikes, bringing loss and grief to both parties. Will the collision of these cultures answer their questions and offer salvation... or doom them both?

Torn World - where time is torn

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An interstitial, science fantasy setting, Torn World offers a unique shared world platform with flavors of science fiction, high fantasy, slipstream, steampunk and alternate realities. You'll never look at unicorns the same way again...

Random Artwork:

Peggy B.

Jenny Heidewald

Laisesu's Last Dance
Laisesu's Last Dance
Ellen Mllion

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Newest Fiction:
Ressa's Reading Part 2   1521.02.03  
Creators: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Ellen Mllion (Inspiration), Ellen Mllion (Editor)
Rai-Kunabei gives Ressa a reading in the park, which isn't as frivolous as Ressa had originally hoped.
Posted: 11/03/15      [1 Comment] ~ 1869 words.
Ressa's Reading Part 1   1521.02.03  
Creators: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Ellen Mllion (Inspiration), Ellen Mllion (Editor)
Everything is back to normal, but nothing seems normal to Ressa, and the arrival of a large, official envelope addressed to her personally doesn't help.
Posted: 10/26/15      [1 Comment] ~ 1537 words.
Simple Questions   1520.06.13  
Creators: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer)
So many things are new for Tiklai as she works to become a full citizen of the Empire. Here, she meets Lalya and they talk over pie.
Posted: 10/19/15      [1 Comment] ~ 1073 words.

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Newest Poetry:
Tokens, Time, and Fire   poem  
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Creators: Ellen Mllion (Writer), Kir Talmage (metasilk) (Inspiration)
A revolution poem.
Posted: 04/27/17      [No comments yet] ~ 101 words.
The Colors of Fire   1520.06.15  
Creators: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), Ellen Mllion (Inspiration)
The Elders decide what to do with Laisesu's legacy.
Posted: 04/24/17      [2 Comments] ~ 290 words.
Only the Messenger   poetry  
Creators: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), Ellen Mllion (Inspiration)
Tarrevalen writes propaganda for the Empire.
Posted: 04/21/17      [1 Comment] ~ 143 words.

More poetry!

Disclaimer: Torn World material is copyrighted to Ellen Million and the credited artists and authors. All rights reserved.

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