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Lead Characters

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Northern Characters
Birka: Birka is a pleasant young woman, easy to be around and easy to like. She is quietly observant, careful not to offend and works diligently at whatever task is before her. She is tall, dark-haired and blue-eyed, and called Itadesh her home until the tragedy of this last summer. Portrait by Laura Melis.
Fala: Birka's age-mate, Fala is a ranger noted for her skills as a guide. She often leads hunting, gathering, or exploration parties. Enthusiastic and always ready to help do what needs to be done, Fala has many friends and lovers now, but had a close relationship with a man in her past that ended badly. Character of Elizabeth Barrette, portrait by Jen Lunden.
Dlameda: Dlameda is a competent man who enjoys his position as a ranger for Itadesh. He feels most alive when he's facing danger or working to beat the odds. He is also a healer, and for more than a decade served as Itadesh's primary healer, but now that there's another healer, Kalitelm, he is glad he's no longer stuck in a village all the time. Now he's hoping to find some excitement, a little danger, and perhaps a little romance. Character of Holly H. Portrait by Ellen Million.
Kalitelm: Kalitelm is an accomplished healer from Itadesh, with an active curiosity about the world around her. She suffers from Amukiiron, a type of dwarfism similar to diastrophic dysplasia which is particular to the north, and as a result has chosen to remain a domestic. She still loves hearing rangers' tales. She lives in a house with frail elders, and treats patients there or in their own homes. (Adoptable character!)
Lenarai: Lenarai is an open and honest woman, content with her life and happy with producing children. She looks after her possessions and gives respect where it is deserved but is sometimes oblivious to the opinions of those around her. She is very much the opposite of her judgemental and attention-seeking age-mate, Areluu. She has two young sons by Kether, and enjoys a warm relationship with Tekoth, a carver (adoptable!). She is related to the elder Lenaroth. Character of, and portrait by, Lorna Cowie.
Kether: Kether is as patient as the sea, but more gentle. A ranger, he is a big man with an easy smile. He is age-mates with Tolnam and Kativa, and remains very close to both of them, careful to keep his deep adoration of Kativa as private as possible. Character of Ellen Million, portrait by Alexandra Knickel.
Kativa: Kativa is an active, cheerful, chattery young woman who is impulsive and generous, but can be careless. She has nurtured a long-standing (and not at all secret) crush on her age-mate Tolnam, not noticing the quiet steady love of her close friend Kether. Character of Ellen Million, portrait by Tiziano Baracchi.
Ivara: Ivara is a strikingly attractive, fit older woman with a cool head and warm heart. She thinks of herself primarily as a dancer, but her primary role is as an elder and mediator. She teaches hunting and snowy-training, and helps mind small children. Her necklace is well-fringed with descendants' beads. (Adoptable character!) Portrait by Lorna Cowie.
Karavai: Karavai is a furshirt (storyteller) who lives in Itrelir, and is also capable at many wilderness skills and some crafts. His handsome features and outgoing personality endear him to friends and lovers alike. He and his age-mate Tekura are important figures in Itrelir, where the majority of the Itadesh refuges will be settling. Character of Elizabeth Barrette, portrait by Ellen Million.
Jrilii: Very newly adult, Jrilii has already proven her skills in caring for snow-unicorns, by saving two rare foals. She and three of her age-mates have been swept up in an adventure exploring undiscovered new land in pursuit of an elusive herd of wild snow-unicorns. No one knows if she returned to Itadesh to be swept up in the deadly fire, or if she will manage to bring back new stock to refresh the dwindling herds of valuable snow-unicorns. One young man in particular, Vlanir, is hoping she has stayed safe. Character of Deirdre Murphy, portrait by Ellen Million.
Southern Characters
Bai (Baison): The License Master of Affamarg, Bai is a large, friendly man who believes wholeheartedly in the good of the Empire and has a tremendous work ethic. He is in a very high-stress job where it is common to find bribery and corruption, and fights to keep his office free of these things... even when it would be easier and even make things more fair. He's always willing to fight from within the system. Character of, and portrait by, Ellen Million.
Rai (Raivan): Rai is the fraternal twin brother of Bai. Blind from birth, Rai runs a small luxury shop catering to people with impaired vision. Rai can be charming or ruthless depending on how well people treat him. Bai likes to joke that his blind twin brother got all the looks of the two. Character of Elizabeth Barrette, portrait by Ellen Million.
Ressa: The Head of Files at the License Offices in Affamarg, Ressa works directly under Bai. She is a highly efficient and linear-thinking woman of great beauty who studied in the Carnal Guild before choosing a far less prestigious position at the License Office. She and Bai are very fond of each other.... but is it something more than that? Character of, and portrait by, Ellen Million.
Lalya: A License Manager underneath Bai in Affamarg, Lalya is very much in love with his boyfriend, Dini, and they both want children, so he has embarked on the process of becoming licensed as a woman to make their dreams come true. Since he never really thought much about gender roles or his own gender before, he really doesn't know what to expect. Character of Deirdre Murphy, portrait by Lorna Cowie.
Olarali: Olarali is a gorgeous and high ranking prostitute for the House of Scarlet Wings under the Carnal Guild. She is high-paid company for the 'rich and famous', including her steady customer, License Master Bai. She is also embroiled deeply in an undercover blackmail ring, and keeps a keen eye out for any information that she can put to good use. She has recently found a potential weakness in Bai's perfect facade... Character of Lorna Cowie, portrait by Ellen Million.
Denel: Denel is a quiet, unassuming young woman, plain in appearance and much smarter than she looks. She carries the rank of Scientist, and is pursuing Science Master rank. She is slightly bitter to watch her classmates and husband, Jerumal, achieving rank before her, though she was in the top of her classes, as she put her career on hold to have two children. Character of, and portrait by, Ellen Million.
Oranaan: A young, wild scientific genius with little self-control, Oranaan is renowned throughout the Empire for his technological inventions, papers on new technology, and gambling antics. He's not overly handsome, but is animated and out-going, and can be devastatingly charming when he tries. Character of Mike Hebel, portrait by Lorna Cowie.
Emeroma: A brilliant engineering scientist specializing in application of magnetic and electromagnetic fields, Emeroma is tall, straight and a touch overweight, with silvering brown hair and brown eyes. She attempts to keep Oranaan focused and out of trouble, and has mentored him with Denel in an effort to keep him grounded (and to make sure his work is well-documented). She is deeply involved in the City of Lights project, and is at the forefront of the research into the anamolies that are plaguing this project. Character of Michelle Goldberg, portrait by Ellen Million.
Kunabei: In an isolated village, Kunabei encounters a wraith in her youth, which makes her a priestess of her tribe. She dreams of travel, but all of her people are her responsibility. She doesn't realize that what her people call 'wraiths' are also called 'anamolies', and a mystery of keen importance to the rest of the Empire. Kunabei gives divination readings [which you can sometimes really get here!]. Character of, and portrait by, Deirdre Murphy.
Draiden: Draiden is the creator and manager of 'Draiden's Caravan of Curious Oddities', a traveling sideshow. He is seen as a womanizer but has a soft spot for maidens in distress. He has a passion for taxidermy and is quickly losing his heart to his employee, Mirsa (adoptable!). Character of Melissa Nelson, portrait by Lorna Cowie.

Southern Explorers in Northern Lands

Iremima: A capable ships captain, Iremima is decisive and sharp-witted, with a fun-loving streak. She loves sailing and hexball, and has a secret, unlicensed child. Adoptable character, portrait by Laura Mori.Malaamig: A quiet, capable man of extreme strength and outdoor skill. He's very difficult to get to know, and has tragedy in his romantic past. Adoptable character!Diren: An innocent, enthusiastic explorer with map-making and geology skills. Character of Holly H., artwork by Tod Wils Margaa: Very much in love with her husand, Diren, Margaa finds exploration an adventure. Adoptable character!

These are only a few of the many characters at Torn World, and at any time, any of them may become major players in the plots currently unfolding.

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