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This is a brief introduction to all developed adoptable characters at Torn World. All artwork and stories that a character appears in is linked in their full character sheet - click on the picture, or their name for more information about them!

Note that this list does not include bit characters, which are also adoptable, but only very briefly described, and available for further development and description. The newest available characters are listed first in this category!

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Rassun ~Adoptable Character!

Rassun is an undercover agent for the Empire's Propaganda School, taking on new personas frequently to steer public opinion and report on questionable activities.

Fleitamelo ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Fleitamelo is an artist and businesswoman whose life is focused on her daughter, Arremina, and keeping a certain fact in her history secret. Her pottery ranges from practical to decorative.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Ilav ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Ilav is a tall and lanky young man in the same age-set as Areluu, Lenarai and Enlaar. By preference he keeps to himself, helping wherever he's needed. He's especially popular among the raisers when they're short-handed.

Bio picture by: Lorna Cowie

Arremina ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Arremina is an athletic and adventurous 10-year-old with a secret past. Since her mother told her that secret, they have grown closer, and Arre has gotten permission to start learning more exciting skills, such as rock climbing.

Bio picture by: Deirdre M. Murphy

Dlujan ~Adoptable Character!

Dlujan is a normal-sized (dwarf) Duurludirj man. He currently studies how to kill sea monsters at the University of Affamarg.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Gliffana ~Adoptable Character!

Gliffana is half-Mayaloi, and grew up dreaming of the theater. When she didn't have the skills to do well there, she went into the carnal guild instead. She's delighted that her daughter has the Mayaloi looks and is in theater, and quickly came to consider her son's actor-fiance part of the family.

Margaa ~Adoptable Character!

A studious woman with a love of natural sciences, Margaa is also a secret romantic, very much in love with her husband and with exploring new territory.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Amirel ~Adoptable Character!

Amirel works as a domestic in Itrelir. Her excellent theoretical skills are undercut by her wretched practical skills, a combination that has left her with many poorly healed injuries. This makes her grouchy, but some people still value her insights.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Tobern ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Tobern is a ranger of the snow-unicorn riders. He is an exceptionally skilled climber and has loved climbing from a very young age. Confident of his own skills, he often does things considered reckless by his elders.

Bio picture by: Valerie Higgins

Vlanir ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Vlanir's elders would like to see him choosing a profession, but all that's on his mind these days is Jrilii.

Bio picture by: Deirdre M. Murphy

Kalesita ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Kalesita is a shy, timid 16 yr. old girl that loves nature and being by herself.

Bio picture by: Misti Turner

Enlaar ~Adoptable Character!

A shy man besotted with Areluu. He is content to hunt and skin, spend time with others listening, and hold out hope that Areluu will settle with him, knowing deep inside that this might not happen.

Vlaran ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Vlaran is a lively young woman who lives in Itrelir. She prefers women as lovers. Her specialty is fishing, though she is also good at embroidery.

Bio picture by: Tod Wills

Omorth ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Omorth has the classic Glifai features and performs the no gender role for a Trefoil dance troupe in Affabreidalam.

Bio picture by: Artwork by Ellen Million

Filor ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

A child in Affamarg, who thinks acting would be more fun than science. Nephew of Dini and Lalya.

Tosh ~Adoptable Character!

Tosh is a horse farmer working on a family farm that he will someday inherit. He is particularly interested in unusual "square-paint" horses. He hopes to find a wife soon.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million.

Tetefii ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Tetefii is a pretty, friendly person with a mischievous streak. She prefers to work on the edges of the village, gathering materials for her many craft projects.

Dorje ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Dorje is a woman whose unfortunate past overshadows her present, making it difficult for her to enjoy life. She is competent at many domestic skills and usually willing to lend a hand with whatever needs doing.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Orimala ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Orimala is a friendly, active girl and a member of the Musicians Guild, training to become a vocal performer.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Kalitelm ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Kalitelm is an accomplished healer, with an active curiosity about the world around her. She suffers from Amukiiron, a type of dwarfism similar to Diastrophic Dysplasia which is particular to the north, and as a result has chosen to remain a Domestic, but she loves hearing travelers' tales. She lives in a house with frail elders, and treats patients there or in their own homes.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Marai ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Marai is a plump, motherly woman who works in the infant-house. Because she is deaf, this gives her a safe and comfortable place to work -- and she has no trouble sleeping through the night, even when babies don't.

Bio picture by: Tod Wills

Alainya ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Alainya is a curious, intelligent, and determined six year old. Recently she has expressed a desire to be a hunter, but she has also showed interest in cooking and healing herbs and even storytelling.

Bio picture by: Jenny Heidewald

Araida ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Araida is a friendly outgoing girl seeking to better the world in anyway she can.

Bio picture by: Misti Turner

Ivara ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Ivara is a strikingly attractive, fit older woman. She thinks of herself primarily as a dancer, but her primary role is as an elder and mediator. She teaches hunting and snowy-training, and helps mind small children. Her necklace is well-fringed with descendants' beads.

Bio picture by: Lorna Cowie

Tekoth ~Adoptable Character! ~ Northern character

Tekoth is an artistic carver who enjoys trading his work for embellished patches for his clothes. Slightly accident prone though quick to smile about it.

Bio picture by: Lorna Cowie

Jakal ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Jakal works as a painter and jewelry maker, to hide her secret occupation as an assassin. She can be violent, but tries to hide it. She is secretive and lonely. She has one friend named Araida.

Bio picture by: Misti Turner

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