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Comments on 'The Flight of the Rose Butterfly'

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Non-Member ArtistI really enjoyed this story, though my experience of learning to play an instrument was not like this--the instruments I learned I loved from the start, even when I couldn't play them. I loved the sounds that they made, and I just knew there were possibilities in them I couldn't reach yet. I was only worried about whether I would ever be *able* to reach them. But I'm sure different musicians are different, that way. I also really like this concept of a "team instrument." The closest thing I can think of in Real Life (TM) would be the courting dulcimer, though one could argue the four hands style of piano comes close.
Ellen MillionThis is so fun - and reminds me so much of learning to play the piano as a child! I may be biased, but I do love the Rai and Bai dynamic. :)
Amelia MargettsFeatured in LJ Community's Writing Spotlight 2-22-2011!
Lorna (Comtessa)I loved this. Just thinking of Rai and Bai all young makes me smile. Such a beautiful story!
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