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New to Torn World? Find out more about our shared-world project here!

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Torn World Fiction

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Story and Art Collections

These are the collections last updated with new stories or poems (latest 12 shown - click one of the categories above to see more!). New to Torn World? Check out the Start Here Stories.

Pebble Beach

A Duurludirj beach with many entrepreneurs.
8 stories, 3 poems, 1 images, 5 articles.

Wild Snowy Chase

Jrilii and her age-mates embark on an unexpected adventure.
6 stories, 0 poems, 5 images, 1 articles.


Stories about the giant snow-unicorns of the north.
5 stories, 1 poems, 36 images, 1 articles.

All Northern Stories and Art

135 stories, 65 poems, 141 images, 0 articles.
Muse Fusion, March 2015
Muse Fusion, March 2015
2 stories, 2 poems, 0 images, 0 articles.

An End of Sundered Times

As boundaries fall, cultures collide!
6 stories, 6 poems, 0 images, 3 articles.
Flash Fiction
Short stories under 1000 words.
52 stories, 0 poems, 0 images, 0 articles.

Muse Fusion #44 (March 2017)

Our first Muse Fusion fully hosted at this site!
1 stories, 1 poems, 4 images, 0 articles.

Disability in Torn World

Stories about characters in Torn World that have physical impairments or challenges.
19 stories, 8 poems, 6 images, 0 articles.

The Empire Explores the North

Empire explorers set foot in the harsh northern territory.
34 stories, 1 poems, 9 images, 0 articles.

Itadesh Fire

A wildfire sweeps over the village.
13 stories, 4 poems, 3 images, 0 articles.

Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters of Torn World rule the oceans.
17 stories, 25 poems, 92 images, 1 articles.

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