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Short Story Prompt Week 5: 15th April - 22nd April - Gift
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Author:  Comtessa [ Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Short Story Prompt Week 5: 15th April - 22nd April - Gift

This weeks prompt is: Gift
This can be of a gift, giving, being given a gift, etc.

What is this about?
The idea behind these week prompts is to keep the mind flowing in an informal manner. To produce a piece of work in a short period of time that you can either leave as is (and possibly have it posted to non-canon), or work on in your own time to produce a full piece for Torn World.

How long can I take?
Anything up to 30 mins to produce your piece. It does not (and probably won't be) perfect.

How many can I do?
As many as you want, for as many characters/situations/adventures you want. As long as they all have a base theme of Torn World.

Is this a competition? Is there a winner?
Nope! This is for fun and enjoyment.

You have until Sunday to post them here! Comments welcome by readers also.


Author:  ellenmillion [ Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Short Story Prompt Week 5: 15th April - 22nd April - Gif

I didn't get very far in my 30 minutes:

Beads were a permanent thing, but the paper flowers of the midwinter celebration were not meant to keep. Many were so thin and fragile that they would dissolve in water, and the snow-unicorns would leave them out to wash away in the spring.

Kativa had always found them a curious mixture of sadness and brightness - for several weeks after flower day, the flowers were bright on the snow if they remained uncovered, a brilliant testimony to crossing the crest of the season. Then the bright colors would inevitably fade, or be covered by new fallen snow, slowly fading away to nothing.

When spring came, they would appear briefly again - limp, pale shadows of their former glory in dirty snow, before dissolving in the melt entirely.

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