Torn World Stories and Poetry A science fantasy shared world All rights reserved Young At Heart New Story: Marival visits the infant house. Mon, 11 Feb 2019 12:02:47 PST How Skykittens Came to Pebble Beach New Story: An old sailor tells a story of how skycats arrived at Pebble Beach. Mon, 03 Dec 2018 12:33:34 PST Not a Lap Cat New Poem: Fri, 09 Nov 2018 10:01:02 PST What's In a Name? - Part Two New Story: (Supporters Only!) Dulilm doesn't want to be forever seen as Dulilm Barnacle-Brain (or anything of the sort!), but what can she do about it? Thu, 20 Sep 2018 10:17:30 PDT What's In a Name? - Part One New Story: When tourists start to treat Dulilm oddly, she shrugs it off--until it starts to affect business. Thu, 13 Sep 2018 11:22:33 PDT Empirical Testing New Poem: Two mathematics writers enter a competition. (poem) Mon, 13 Aug 2018 09:56:45 PDT Wandering the Heights New Poem: As Lekeeth grows older and more adventurous, she seeks high places away from people who might touch her. (Poem) Mon, 30 Jul 2018 12:39:54 PDT The Study of Sea Monsters New Story: (Supporters Only!) Oba and Barsh are working on their homework, and dreading writing a poem for a warsailors memorial presentation at school. Thu, 26 Jul 2018 08:32:09 PDT Unsolid Ground New Poem: (Supporters Only!) An earthquake surprises a group of fishers. Tue, 24 Jul 2018 10:12:52 PDT Over the Misty Mountains New Poem: New mountains appear when a boundary falls. (poem) Fri, 20 Jul 2018 09:18:49 PDT Senseless, Part 4 New Story: (Supporters Only!) Reqem and Imain find a new land... and face punishment for their disobedience. Thu, 19 Jul 2018 09:38:27 PDT Senseless, Part 3 New Story: (Supporters Only!) Reqem's reckless journey comes to an end. Wed, 18 Jul 2018 11:52:59 PDT Senseless, Part 2 New Story: (Supporters Only!) Reqem and Imain travel through the dark tunnel. Tue, 17 Jul 2018 18:42:10 PDT Perspective New Story: Maalon struggles with the aftermaths of her injury. Thu, 28 Jun 2018 10:12:54 PDT Broken Hopes New Story: (Spicy or Adult Content! You must be logged in to read this!) Nobaira faces a difficult decision after a tragic birth. Fri, 18 May 2018 10:15:06 PDT