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Faajaffug - Location
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer)
One of the oldest cities in the Empire, and one of the largest.

One of the oldest cities in the Empire, Faajaffug is also one of the largest and most chaotic. It is located in the original shard of the Empire, Inoram, and is a primary source of commerce and politics. It is the regional capital, and houses several major schools of science, many trade guild training houses, refineries, processing centers and some of the most extensive museums in the Empire.

The overall architecture style is only gradually giving way to more modern styles, so there are many areas with lower buildings (four or fewer stories are most common) and areas without the dedicated greenbelts that are required in newer cities, lending the outskirts of the city a shabby, squat feeling; these are some of the poorest slums in the Empire, and most crowded. The slums are a constant source of anti-Empire propaganda, and a frequent target for improvement and reform. The city center is newer and taller, and located in the direct center of the nearly round city, so it is sometimes called Spire City.

It is the largest city in terms of both population and land area, and is located inland near the center of a wide glacial valley. Most of the farmland in the immediate area is not good, and has been badly abused over the history of the area - some areas are actively toxic, and this land has been abandoned while richer areas are cultivated. Imperial scientists have experimented with methods of cleaning and revitalizing these areas, and some argue that they are safe for building. The overcrowding of the city causes some pressure for this expansion. It is very difficult to get more than a single child license in the city.

A large river runs directly through the city, and provides mechanical hydropower for some of the local industry. Its banks are reinforced with cement, and once or twice a century there are minor floods within the city. Various ways to mitigate this flooding have been proposed, but none implemented yet. The river water was once quite toxic, but aggressive environmental restrictions have improved its quality. It is probably safe for swimming again, if not drinking, but habit keeps the city's citizens from making any prolonged contact with it. Potable water is provided via large aqueducts from nearby hills.

The area has a mildly warm climate, with just hints of the seasons.

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