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Sea Monsters: Blimpfish - Fauna
Written By: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Editor), Ellen Million (Editor)
A medium-size herbivore who thinks mid-sized boats look sexy.

Kigirth (aka Kirg)

The Blimpfish is a medium-size (40-60 ft) herbivore, very common in the warm southerly waters. It resembles a blimp or a globular whale shark. It has a very wide mouth and it feeds by filtering phytoplankton. It breathes water through the mouth and gill slits. It favors water of moderate depth, going into seas, bays, and inlets, but rarely right up to shore or far out into the ocean. Blimpfish can live 50-60 years.

This common species breeds fast for a large animal and is a mainstay of the food chain. Predators include harpoon snails, sea serpents, deathfins, and soldierfish. (The blimpfish is a little bigger than Earth's right whale, aka blackfish, which used to be numerous.) After copulating, the female lays her sticky eggs on tall rocks, strings of kelp, or other structures. Unfortunately, blimpfish mate on the surface of the water, and they think that medium-size boats look sexy. People have tried putting spikes on the bottom of boats, or painting the hulls in unattractive colors, to discourage them. This has varying degrees of success; it's a thriving field of study, since people think "just the right" style of spikes or colors would really work.

Before Upheaval: Several species were common throughout the seas, particularly in warm waters.

Sundered Times: All but the fastest breeding, most numerous species died out. Five scattered populations of a single species survived in the south. The southern blimpfish survived in time shards #33, #32, #12, and #11. The Interior blimpfish originated from this species in shard #36.

Modern Times: The southern blimpfish is a little shorter and wider than its interior cousin, with a greenish color. The first two populations joined, exchanging members between time shards #33 and #32; then spread from time shard #32 into #30 and from there into #13. The third population spread from time shard #12 into #10 and #68; then from #10 into #9 and #15. The fourth population spread from time shard #11 into shard #69 and shard #6. Populations merge on meeting.

The interior blimpfish is a little longer and narrower, with a brownish color. It spread from time shard #36 into #35, #34, #37, #50, and #27; then from #27 into #15. Although populations of both southern and interior blimpfish overlap in shard #15 after the barriers have fallen, the greenish southern blimpfish and the brownish interior blimpfish do not find each other sexually attractive, so they do not interbreed even though they could. This distinguishes them as separate species, rather than subspecies.

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