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Itakith - Location
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer), Elizabeth Barrette (Developer)
A village of the northern settlements, furthest to the east.

Itakith is the 'middle' village of the northern snow-unicorn riders, in both population and age.

Location: This mid-sized Northern village lies an easy day's travel from the coast on the inland, eastern side of the sound. The coast here ends steeply in high stone cliffs or lower earthen bluffs. These are good places to hunt for seabirds and their eggs; large colonies exist, featuring different species and peak seasons. There are not many beaches; most of those are narrow and rocky, with only a few wider sandy ones. Sea lions, seals, dorruuyirv, the rare whalebears, and other beach-loving wildlife sometimes appear. A harbor usable for ships lies to the east. The high profile of the coast lessens the tendency of salt to travel inland, so salt-sensitive plants can survive a little closer to the coast. Itakith also lies near the majority of Ancient ruins, giving people better access to scavenged materials.

The weather in Itakith is moderate for the North. Extra precipitation arrives from the water of the sound, though on the inland side, Itakith gets slightly less than Itadesh. This also buffers the temperature slightly; Itakith has a little more swing than Itadesh, but less than Itrelir. Large amounts of snow or rain can fall rather quickly, sometimes with tumultuous winds. Snow varies in texture, sometimes light and dry (particularly when the sound is frozen), but other times piling heavy and wet on horizontal or slanted surfaces. Waterways freeze hard enough for safe travel. Itakith regularly fields teams of ice-fishers onto frozen lakes and the sound. Spring and autumn bring foggy weather in low areas.

Hand River originates in the mountains south of Itakith. It is glacier-fed towards the source, murky and silty, but clears as it passes Itakith, diluted by a variety of streams and springs in the hills. (The silt from the glaciers by Itakith is silvery-gray in color, so glacier-fed rivers in the area are also that color.) Itakith uses this river for transport and graywater waste, but not for drinking water. It has healthy salmon populations downstream of Itakith. Past Itakith, Hand River hits a narrow, flat-bottomed valley bounded by cliffs and spreads into a complex braided river, ending at the coast in a hand-shaped delta that gives its name.

Three lakes named after the moons - Past, Present and Future - are in a chain nearby.

Itakith has a slow artesian well that is used for the vast majority of their potable water. It does not provide enough water for all uses, but does produce enough for drinking purposes (including for snow-unicorns). This spring is a primary reason for the location of Itakith, and there is a special house built around this well that allows it to be used year-round.

Population: Itakith had approximately 1000 people prior to the Itadesh Fire, ranging from infants to elders. It currently has about 1250 people, including the Itadesh refuges.

The village bead is made from bone or ancient plastic (the word for which, ashaakarg, translates to 'ancient bone').

Itakith is also the first village to begin domesticating silk-hares, which they have done with great success; this art is also being pursued on a smaller scale in Itrelir.

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Characters currently at this location:

  • Gruben (born: 1448.01.30)
  • Dlaami (born: 1448.06.23)
  • Eqar (born: 1454.02.16)
  • Ufalaarn (born: 1464.05.12)
  • Toralei (born: 1464.10.19)
  • Oyothan (born: 1465.02.10)
  • Amaqor (born: 1469.03.15)
  • Brar (born: 1481.03.14)
  • Dror (born: 1481.04.22)
  • Doralde (born: 1484.09.21)
  • Agliir (born: 1485.00.03)
  • Kuyor (born: 1485.01.19)
  • Osro (born: 1485.03.11)
  • Brujan (born: 1485.03.25)
  • Rubal (born: 1485.04.13)
  • Flevei (born: 1485.06.30)
  • Inyas (born: 1485.08.06)
  • Janeth (born: 1485.09.28)
  • Osafoi (born: 1485.10.18)
  • Tirthono (born: 1486.01.04)
  • Latusha (born: 1489.10.22)
  • Thraji (born: 1489.10.30)
  • Dorlen (born: 1490.01.19)
  • Evreil (born: 1490.03.07)
  • Yothalde (born: 1490.04.10)
  • Rrash (born: 1490.05.25)
  • Naraliin (born: 1490.07.12)
  • Adarla (born: 1493.06.20)
  • Borin (born: 1493.08.04)
  • Tenyo (born: 1493.09.13)
  • Frei (born: 1494.01.06)
  • Irjan (born: 1494.02.27)
  • Baarjan (born: 1494.03.13)
  • Dorom (born: 1495.07.14)
  • Barshev (born: 1497.04.27)
  • Lishaan (born: 1497.06.16)
  • Ereil (born: 1497.09.06)
  • Otima (born: 1498)
  • Tuleri (born: 1498.07.01)
  • Nobaira (born: 1500)
  • Vriilu (born: 1500)
  • Deterra (born: 1507.04.11)
  • Brusha (born: 1507.07.03)
  • Jorin (born: 1510.10.04)
  • Nuvo (born: TBD)
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