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Great Northern Rim - Location
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer), Laura Melis (Artwork)
A broad escarpment that follows along most of the northern edge of the Empire.

Various names: The Shelf, The Great Escarpment, The Crystal Desert Cliffs, The Northern Wall, The Edge of the World, The North Rim, or just The Rim.

During the tectonic shifting that occurred during the Upheaval, the northern plate rose considerably, while the central plate subsided in many areas, creating a dramatic difference in elevation, up to 2000 feet in areas. The escarpment runs nearly across the width of the north continent, about 1300 miles long, with decided variation in height. Scientists are puzzled by the evidence of erosion in some places that indicate either a large-scale flood, or wind erosion over a much longer time period than they can explain.

Several major waterfalls dot this length of rock, and in the spring, many minor seasonal streams tumble over the cliffs.

Local indigenous people regard the cliffs with great suspicion, and many of them will not travel past them. This is likely a result of the fact that the faultline coincided with time bubble barriers, and would have been fatal to cross. Very little has been developed north of the escarpment, in part due to the northern latitude and in part because of the transportation difficulty they represent. Several Purist units who wished independence from the Empire have settled on The Rim in ill-supplied, small, squalid communities not much larger than extended family units.

The Empire planned to build a city, nicknamed 'The City of Lights,' on The Rim, at about the center of its span, and began construction in 1510.

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