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Northern Body Language - Culture
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer), Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Developer), Elizabeth Barrette (Developer), Lorna (Comtessa) (Developer), Marina Bonomi (Developer)
The northern people are very close and expressive with each other, and have both personal body language and a formal long-distance system of communication.

Greeting and interaction

Snow-unicorn riders greet friends and acquanintances with warm hugs, shoulder-bumps, and sometimes touch foreheads if their hands are full or dirty. They clasp each others forearms when greeting someone new for the first time, and tend to look full into each others faces. It is common for them to be a little rough with each other (appropriate to the strength of the individuals and their familiarity), with friendly attempts to knock the other off-balance with their hugs. They will commonly walk hand-in-hand with each other in a casual fashion, or hold each others hands while sitting close together, if not otherwise occupied. Personal space is minimal and conversations between two or three people will be done very close together. Standing further apart indicates a non-personal conversation and invites others to join in. Failure to stand close for a personal conversation can indicate dislike or disrespect.

Facial expressions and emotions are not over-moderated - someone feeling grumpy is not generally told to pretend to be happy, and will scowl, frown and sulk, with drooped shouldes and scuffing feet, until they have been cheered up. Happy people will smile. When amused, laughter is loud and unrestrained. People who are grieving will cry openly. Comfort will be freely offered in the form of hugs, touches and pats.

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