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Itadesh - Location
The smallest and newest of the snow-unicorn rider villages, currently abandoned.

Population: Currently, 0. With about 750 residents, Itadesh was the smallest village of snow-unicorn riders.

Average annual temperatures: High 33F, Low 15F
Average annual total snowfall: 53 inches

The youngest and smallest of the Northern villages lies a few miles from the coast on the seaward, western side of the sound. It is nestled near the south end of a valley above coastal bluffs, further north than any other village. The coast here tapers somewhat gently to the waterline, creating a series of low cliffs and moderate beaches of gravel or coarse sand. These are good places to gather driftwood, seashells, seaweed, shellfish, and other things. Sea lions, seals, dorruuyirv, the rare whalebears, and other beach-loving wildlife frequent this region. However, there are a few places with tall cliffs for seabirds and a deep harbor suitable for ships. Salt carries farther inland here due to the lower slope of land. Plants near the coast need higher salt tolerance, and those without it do not come within several miles of the coast.

Festive River runs by Itadesh, the shortest and widest of the three rivers. It begins in the mountains south of Itadesh, falling over a cheerful waterfall before arriving in the south portion of Itadesh valley close to the village. It has healthy populations of local fish - gash trout, in particular. The river drains into a marshy lake at the north end of Itadesh valley, and eventually exits through a narrow canyon to get to the sound. This canyon is dangerous (prone to slides and flooding) in the spring or during heavy rains, and there are several alternate paths into the valley that are not as direct. The marshy lake at the northern end of Itadesh valley is known as Beard Lake.

The weather in Itadesh is moderate for the North. Extra precipitation arrives from the sea and the sound, so Itadesh gets slightly more than Itakith. This also buffers the temperature; Itadesh has the least breadth of temperature extremes among the three villages. Copious amounts of snow can fall quite fast; Itadesh is the most prone to violent thunderstorms and blizzards with powerful, chaotic winds. Snow varies in texture, sometimes light and dry, other times so wet and heavy that it plasters itself even to vertical surfaces. Waterways freeze hard enough for safe travel. Itadesh regularly fields teams of ice-fishers onto frozen lakes, and occasionally people venture down to the sound although the cliffs make travel arduous and risky. Spring and autumn bring foggy weather in low areas.

History: Itadesh was built approximately 1470. This is very close to the time that Lichenwold was discovered, and during the development of concrete from the supplies that this location supplied. However, this new development had not been perfected to a building material by the time most of Itadesh was built, so very few of their buildings were concrete; most were constructed of wood.

Itadesh was burned to the ground late in the summer of 1520. The villagers who called Itadesh home have since scattered to Itrelir or Itakith. Read this storyline here.

Itadesh "home village" beads are made of shell or ocean-source items.

Notable characters included: Birka, Eshra, Fala, Ivara, Kalitelm, Kativa, Dlameda, Lenarai, Areluu, Lenaroth, Kether, and Tolnam. (These characters have all gone to Itrelir.)

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Characters currently at this location:

  • Emeina (born: )
  • Inav (born: )
  • Arfon (born: 1439.06.04)
  • Lenar (born: 1445)
  • Aretolth (born: 1445)
  • Mashelna (born: 1445.03.24)
  • Ranya (born: 1445.09.07)
  • Grel (born: 1448)
  • Rasheila (born: 1455.01.03)
  • Dlelun (born: 1455.07.30)
  • Mirthana (born: 1455.09.13)
  • Befark (born: 1455.10.26)
  • Raldori (born: 1457.06.22)
  • Reqem (born: 1458.08.15)
  • Ruvardu (born: 1462.08.11)
  • Ivara (born: 1462.09.12)
  • Elsher (born: 1462.10.25)
  • Firl (born: 1465)
  • Trelon (born: 1468.00.02)
  • Ardeth (born: 1471.01.17)
  • Lenaroth (born: 1471.05.24)
  • Grenora (born: 1471.10.29)
  • Beqash (born: 1473.00.05)
  • Kaival (born: 1473.08.11)
  • Marai (born: 1475.03.10)
  • Dlameda (born: 1475.10.03)
  • Srena (born: 1479.08.03)
  • Laisesu (born: 1481.05.30)
  • Yamiga (born: 1482.04.12)
  • Tiren (born: 1485.03.06)
  • Eshra (born: 1485.07.12)
  • Jomeq (born: 1486.09.23)
  • Tobern (born: 1488.03.14)
  • Maalon (born: 1488.04.02)
  • Riiran (born: 1488.05.04)
  • Kalitelm (born: 1489.05.20)
  • Fuursh (born: 1494.01.01)
  • Anler (born: 1494.06.08)
  • Birka (born: 1495.03.08)
  • Fala (born: 1495.04.17)
  • Komesh (born: 1495.07.22)
  • Tetefii (born: 1496.04.09)
  • Tolnam (born: 1496.07.13)
  • Kimero (born: 1497.01.04)
  • Kether (born: 1498.01.09)
  • Slarath (born: 1498.02.05)
  • Kativa (born: 1499.05.02)
  • Areluu (born: 1500.02.19)
  • Lenarai (born: 1500.04.13)
  • Enlaar (born: 1501.03.03)
  • Tekoth (born: 1501.09.07)
  • Jrilii (born: 1503.10.28)
  • Shraalan (born: 1504.01.22)
  • Ortein (born: 1504.04.07)
  • Orla (born: 1504.04.07)
  • Lutei (born: 1504.07.13)
  • Dalvo (born: 1505.01.15)
  • Bremuun (born: 1511.02.17)
  • Yaadu (born: 1513.04.19)
  • Alainya (born: 1514.01.23)
  • Ikaluu (born: 1514.03.01)
  • Ashari (born: 1514.03.14)
  • Tarl (born: 1514.03.17)
  • Relkei (born: 1516.05.21)
  • Denif (born: TBD)
  • Oromaal (born: TBD)
  • Bayarl (born: TBD)
  • Finrei (born: TBD)
  • Aniya (born: TBD)
  • Drisek (born: TBD)
  • Treqaa (born: TBD)
  • Jitoi (born: TBD)
  • Meirg (born: TBD)
  • Blafev (born: TBD)
  • Griilor (born: TBD)
  • Marda (born: TBD)
  • Tefiidu (born: TBD)
  • Inama (born: TBD)
  • Inoth (born: TBD)
  • Breifa (born: TBD)
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  • Homecoming (1520.06.03)
  • Aftermath of Ashes (1520.06.04)
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