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Books: Non-fiction selections - Culture
Written By: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer)
History and culture, physics and chemistry, biology, and modern technology.

History and Culture
Physics and Chemistry
Modern Technology

History and Culture

Title: The Lost Diaries of Yoilosh
Author: Yoilosh; compiled and edited by Science Leader Adrimani, Historian
Date: 1511.09.30
Edition: Leatherbound hardback, full-color illustrations, 1075 pages, 13 x 9 x 3" Published by Affabreidalam University Press
Summary: A compilation of entries from several diaries that Yoilosh kept as a youth, augmented with entries from a partial scrapbook of activist exploits found after Yoilosh's death. There are reprints of news articles and other supporting material about the Gender Reforms and associated riots, all annotated and analyzed by respected gender scholars, licensing scholars, and historians.
Tags: Biography, Gender Studies, History, License Studies
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: Authentication Marks of Glifai Costumes
Author: Science Leader Nebron, Fashion Studies
Date: 1476.02.01
Edition: Clothbound hardback, black-and-white interior illustrations plus 40pp. colorplates, 460 pages, 10 x 7 x 1" Published by Affabreidalam University Press
Summary: Scholarly text identifying characteristic features of Glifai clothing throughout history, with numerous examples of historic costumes. Discusses the appearance of forgeries, how to distinguish them from genuine articles, and case studies of famous forgeries. Verified.
Tags: Fashion, History, License Studies, Verification
Mentioned in: "The Shades of Yesterday" and "Dusting Off the Green Speech"
Notes: Unafari owns a copy of this book. It is often used by collectors and museums to verify the authenticity of items.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: Pre-Imperial Glifai History
Author: Science Master Tebri, Historian
Date: 1462.09.21
Edition: Clothbound hardback, black-and-white interior illustrations, 240 pages,
9 1/2 x 6 x 3/4" Affabreidalam University Press
Summary: Begins with a thorough description of the Glifai people, culture, and territory. Details Glifai events from vague stories shortly after the Upheaval to the assimilation into the Empire in 1440. A timeline runs along the top of the pages. Verified.
Tags: Glifai, History
Mentioned in: "The Shades of Yesterday"
Notes: Unafari owns a copy of this book.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: A Theatre Teacher's Guide to Timely Costumes
Author: Theatre Guild Leader Lanateimar, Costume Designer
Date: 1498.06.12
Edition: Clothbound hardback, black-and-white interior illustrations, 430 pages,
9 3/4 x 7 x 1" Form Up Press, Faarar
Summary: This big book has hundreds of patterns laid out on grid paper, intended to be copied and expanded to full size for theatrical production. It showcases costumes from around the Empire and throughout history. Verified for educational and entertainment purposes; not verified for complete historical precision.
Tags: Education, Fashion, History, How To, Theatre, Sewing
Mentioned in: "Dusting Off the Green Speech" Part 1
Notes: Unafari mentioned using this book in school, and Malem had consulted it to make costumes for her daughters to perform a flower dance at school. It does not have fine details, but does have quite usable patterns; however, it takes shortcuts in some costumes which are not historically accurate. Form Up Press is an educational publisher that produces textbooks and school library books.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: A Theatre Teacher's Guide to Timely Costumes: Supplement with Corrections and Footnotes
Author: Theatre Guild Leader Lanateimar, Costume Designer and Science Leader Abraal, Historian
Date: 1500.01.21
Edition: Clothbound hardback, black-and-white interior illustrations, 190 pages,
11 x 9 x 1/2" Stage Right Press, Affanumuur
Summary: This supplement details the shortcuts made in A Theatre Teacher's Guide to Timely Costumes for the sake of easier and cheaper production, restoring historic accuracy and listing source materials for all the costumes. Fully verified.
Tags: Academic, Fashion, History, Theatre, Sewing
Mentioned in: "Dusting Off the Green Speech" Part 1.
Notes: Unafari mentioned the existence of this supplement (not by title) and suggested looking for it in the Guild library.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: Transformations and Affectations: Outside Influences on Glifai Culture
Author: Science Leader Barafforso, Historian
Date: 1521.03.01
Edition: Clothbound hardback, 490 pages, 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 1/2" Affabreidalam University Press
Summary: Covering the span of time from first contact to the present day, this scholarly text examines the impact of other cultures on Glifai art, music, politics, lifestyle, and other aspects of culture. The advent of imperial licensing laws, especially their import to no-gender people, is presented in detail. Verified.
Tags: Academic, Ethnic Studies, Glifai, History
Mentioned in: "Dusting Off the Green Speech" Part 2
Notes: Barafforso, Unafari, and Katorsh discussed this as a forthcoming book; the description but not the title appeared in the story. Barafforso arranged for review copies to Unafari and Katorsh so they could provide endorsements. Chapter Thirteen covers the Gender Reforms and interactions with Affanumuur.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: Unity and Individualism in Glifai Dress
Author: Entertainment Guild Leader Effreni and Science Master Frambolaar, Ethnologist
Date: 1514.06.11
Edition: Leatherbound hardback with gilt edges, full color glossy pages throughout, 300 pages, 12 x 10 x 1 1/2" Stage Right Press
Summary: Unusual for its balance between beauty and scholarship, this is a brilliant blend of coffee-table book and academic resource. It showcases single garments and complete outfits throughout Glifai history, with attention to how dress expressed relationships between different people (such as coworkers or family members) vs. individual tastes and traits. Each chapter begins with an overview of its category and general concepts. Most pages within a chapter are divided approximately half and half with one or more clothing illustrations and a detailed interpretation of the significance. Verified.
Tags: Ethnic Studies, Fashion, Glifai, History
Mentioned in: "The Shades of Yesterday"
Notes: This is an expensive book, something Unafari planned to consult at a library because she did not own a copy. Stage Right Press is a publishing company associated with the Entertainment Guild, which publishes such things as costume guides and music.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Physics and Chemistry

Title: Unexplained Anomalies 1401-1510
Author: Scientist Obert, Meteorologist
Date: 1515.05.10
Edition: Saddle-bound paperback, black-and-white illustrations, 140 pages,
11 x 8 x 1/4" Self-published
Summary: Although originally drafted as a serious scholarly work, with footnotes and analysis to match, this book was rejected by all academic presses and is therefore not a verified scholarly reference. It purports to document "anomalies" such as exclaimed over by Purists and conspiracy theorists.
Tags: Anomalies, Conspiracy Theories, History, Meteorology, Unverified
(by Elizabeth Barrette)


Title: A Pocket Full of Problems: The History of the Hole Mouse
Author: Scientist Obluuren, Biologist
Date: 1500.06.11
Edition: Full-color cover and 3pp. colorplates, black-and-white interior illustrations, 30 pages, 9 x 9 x 1/8" Parkway Publishing, Tifanaro
Summary: Learn about hole mice, where they live, and how they survive. These cute but pesky creatures are native to Slunai territory. Understand why we need travel licenses and pet licenses to protect against the spread of pests. Colorplates show paintings of the hole mice and maps of their territory as it changed over time. Verified for use in Second Form.
Tags: Biology, Nature, Popular Science, Wildlife, Young Adult
Mentioned in: "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal"
Notes: Nleimen mentions that Imoshavi bought the book as a present for her fourteenth birthday. The Tifanaro natural sciences museum carries this book in the gift shop and it's very popular with tourists there.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: A Horse of Every Color: Coats and Markings for the Equine Fancier
Author: Agriculture Senior Thlar
Date: 1509.04.21
Edition: Full-color cover and 24 pp. colorplates, black-and-white interior illustrations, 125 pages, 9 x 9 x 1/2" Arable Books, Affayasilith
Summary: Includes a detailed discussion of color types, common markings, and unusual markings in domestic and wild horses. Lists domestic horse breeds with their characteristics. Minimal coverage of genetics.
Tags: Animals, Horses, Livestock, Popular Science
Mentioned in: "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journals"
Notes: Nleimen mentioned that her letter-friend Tosh sent her a copy of the book as a year-end present.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Modern Technology

Title: Modern Warsailing Technology 1510-1520
Author: Assistant Warsailing Scholar Dlujan and Assistant Biologist Nleimen
Date: 1521.01.28
Edition: Paperback, full-color cover and 5 pp. colorplates, black-and-white interior illustrations, 210 pages, 11 x 8 x 1/2" Affamarg University Press
Summary: A.W.S. Dlujan and A.B. Nleimen created this monograph for an independent study class in Fifth Form. A.W.S. Dlujan researched and wrote about advances in weaponry, sea monster repellants, and warsailing. A.B. Nleimen researched and wrote about sea monster biology, and also rendered the illustrations.
Tags: Advances, Sea Monsters, Saltwater Biology, Technology, Warsailing
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

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