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Books: Mythology and Traditional Tales - Culture
Written By: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Elizabeth Barrette (Writer)
Mythology and traditional tales

Title: Unicorn Boots
Author: Traditional Yasiluu tale illustrated by Merukerlii
Date: 1519.3.27
Edition: Hardcover, 11 x 11 and beautifully illustrated in full color. 77 pages plus a fold-out map of Yasiluu territory with a path showing Kasiikarís extensive travels during this tale.
Summary: Unicorn Boots is the story of Kasiikar, the Yasiluu hero, when he was a boy. Raiyarf and Fiiyarf were just puppies at the time, and as such were quite prone to getting into mischief. One day, the two puppies chewed a local farmer's boots to shreds and then spit up all over his wife's dancing shoes. Kasiikar apologized and offered to make amends, but the dancing shoes were ruined, and the wife was inconsolable. The farmer demanded boots made from the hide of the legendary carnivorous black unicorn that haunted the mountains nearby, and consoles his wife that Kasiikar will either lose all honor or his dogs. In this tale of Kasiikar's first hunt, he has to teach his puppies how to track and has to figure out how to kill the dangerous and unique beast that has been terrorizing the goat farmers in the upper reaches of region.
Tags: Childrenís stories, Mythology, Folk Tales, Ethnic Studies, Picture Books
(by Deirdre M. Murphy)

Title: Folk Tales of the Empire
Author: Science Master Timbolarenar, Ethnologist
Date: 1475.10.11
Edition: Batik clothbound hardback, full-color illustrations, 225 pages,
12 x 12 x 1" Published by Faajaffug University Press
Summary: The definitive collection of folk tales gathered from oral tradition on expeditions 1404-1470. Chapters feature material from Arraffiqa, Duurludirj, Glifai, Ibabesh, Irfai, Kiffumiyi, Mayaloi, Mojeveterk, Mruuna, Raalyan, Slunai, and Yasiluu cultures. Recommended for First-Second Form readers. Scholars see also Folk Tales of the Empire: Footnotes and Annotations.
Tags: Children's Literature, Classics, Ethnic Studies, Fiction, Folklore
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: Pickled Willow and other traditional Roluma Preserves
Author: As collected by Scientist Arolii of Faraar
Date: 1511.05.01
Edition: There are two hardcover editions available, both 8 x 10: There is a scholarly version with footnotes, bound in leather at 367 pages and a practical cookbook without footnotes bound in waxed leather at 253 pages.
Summary: This compilation of allegedly traditional Roluma recipes alternates short illustrated versions of Roluma folktales with the recipes themselves. The folktales are mostly traditional, though in a few places details have been modified to make them more suitable for Empire families. The recipes have also been tweaked to suit modern Empire tastes and available ingredients, though there are several recipes whose use is restricted almost totally to the early parts of the Rejoining Day feast. The title recipe, pickled willow, is quite bitter and is among those recipes. More popular recipes include candied water root and rose petal jelly.
Tags: Food, Recipes, History, Ethnic Studies
(by Deirdre M. Murphy)

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