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Books: Popular Fiction - Culture
Written By: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer)
Best-selling fiction collections and stand-alones.

Title: No Obstacles in the Heart
Author: Senior Entertainer Orfalai, edited by Entertainment Guild Leader Debranar
Date: 1445.01.28
Edition: Paperback, full-color cover, 210 pages, 7 x 4 x 1/2" Handshake Books, Affabreidalam
Summary: A platonic love story about a no-gender person from Affabreidalam and an asexual person (whose legal gender is never specified in the story) from Faarar takes place in Affabreidalam shortly after assimilation. It celebrates the joys and challenges of creating a cross-cultural relationship; the wonder of discovering someone like you in ways you never dreamed of can make all the hassle worthwhile. This mass-market reprint of the classic novel includes an introductory essay by Entertainment Guild Leader Debranar regarding the rise of Glifai Romance, along with end notes about Glifai/Imperial interactions. Although many other no-gender romances preceed this one, it is the first such novel to be licensed under Imperial auspices and therefore appears as the earliest example on many canon lists of the subgenre in literary circles.
Tags: Classics, Fiction, Glifai, Romance
Mentioned in: Nowhere yet
Notes: "Glifai Romance" as a subgenre of Romance means that the featured couple consists of one or two no-gender people, whose attraction may be sexual or platonic. It is somewhat of a misnomer since not all Glifai romance stories have no-gender protagonists and some no-gender people are not of Glifai heritage. However, the Glifai are so famous for their prevalence of no-gender people that the two concepts are very strongly linked elsewhere in the Empire. The term sprang up simultaneously in Faarar and Faajaffug, and spread from there. Conversely the frequent, though not universal, custom of putting some version of "no," "not," etc. in the title of a story about a no-gendered person is actually of Glifai origin.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

Title: Biology for Physicists
Author: Senior Entertainer Iffalein
Date: 1517.03.09
Edition: Paperback, full-color cover, 175 pages, 7 x 4 x 3/8" Exothermic Reactions, Faamoir
Summary: A light-hearted twist on a classic science joke: Assistant Physicist Efrolen and Assistant Physicist Drenaar are falling in love. But they don't recognize the equation, and they don't know how to derive the solution! Instead of the usual hints from a friend in zoology, however, they get a tour of floral courtship from a botanist who tells them more than they wanted to know about what flowers really are.
Tags: Fiction, Humor, Romance, Science Romance
Mentioned in: Nowhere yet
Notes: Romance stories often cater either to the science or trade branch of study; this is Science Romance. Also, "exothermic" means a reaction that gives off energy, usually in the form of heat.
(by Elizabeth Barrette)

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