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Sea Monsters: Giant Lobster - Fauna
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer)
Large, armored lobsters that dominated their shard.

Giant Lobsters were first found when the barriers to shard #51 dropped. Large lobsters (up to 3 feet in length, but more commonly 12-18 inches) had been commonly trapped as food in nearby shards, but the lobsters that came from these cold islands dwarfed normal lobsters, growing up to 15 feet in length The giant lobsters have appropriately large claws that they don't hesitate to use on smaller prey, and they can cause a great deal of damage to crab and lobster traps, and to smaller fishing vessels in shallow water. They are territorial and fearless, and their strong armor protects them from many larger predators. It is believed that these giant lobsters are simply ancient, as lobsters are one of the few creatures that don't demonstrate signs of aging. Unconstrained by an interior skeletal system, and the dominant creature in their small shard, the giant lobsters are guessed to be several hundred years old. Normal-sized lobsters are also found in their territory, as well as many in-between sizes. The lobsters of this shard - even the small ones - are notable for the colorful crossed striping on their tails, which gives the impression of a plaid kilt.

Scientists are concerned with the protection of this species, because it has proved intensely popular as a food and as a trophy kill. The meat of the giant lobster is tougher than their smaller versions, but just as sweet, with a slightly smoky flavor. Killing the lobsters has proved dangerous, but is pursued as a sport with an excellent black market for the flesh. There is talk of putting a size limit on lobster kills, but scientists are still arguing about the details.

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