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Amargaritu (1399-1472) - Culture
Written By: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer)
Amargaritu was a famous singer, dancer and private entertainer in Affanumuur. He cut a dramatic figure, wearing white outfits to set off his deep black skin and iridescent black hair. He organized the first, de facto, Carnal Guild.

A legend in Affanumuur (Shameless City) in his time, Amargaritu was a singer and dancer and private entertainer. He charmed and excited people of all genders, and had a reputation for resplendent and inexhaustible sexuality. He was of Mayaloi descent, and had deep black skin, very long, straight peacock black hair and dark peacock blue eyes. His usual outfit was white, cut to show off his long, lean physique.

He was a favorite subject of painters in Affanumuur in his youth, so his features and style are well known even today.

However, he is most famous for founding the Carnal Guild.

He started out with a license for personal services, and as he gained fame, he charged quite a lot for his company. Eventually, demand for his time was so high that his fees didnít deter enough people; then he trained others in both his distinctive dance style and his more private entertainment skills.

Over the course of more than a decade, Amargaritu opened seven nightclubs with different focuses for his clients, licensing them under the standard restaurant and entertainment license laws. Eventually, of course, the establishments that offered only music, dance, food, and drink, complained to the authorities, feeling that his other offerings constituted unfair competition.

Amargaritu used his considerable wealth to deal with the resulting legal mess, paying and protesting all the fines. What he was doing was not, after all, illegal in Affanumuur. However, it also was not covered in the licensing laws. He paid a small fortune in temporary license fees to keep his businesses open while his legal counsel negotiated with the cityís lawmakers.

The gray rags of the times told a multitude of conflicting stories, alternately castigating the public officials for persecuting Amargaritu and claiming he was making progress by bribing those same officials. The more lurid rags claimed he was sleeping with them, a charge that he laughed off, saying he didnít do that for free before he had so many legal bills to pay, so he certainly wouldnít start when he needed all the money he could get.

While the legal fight was going on, Amargaritu always quickly changed the topic from himself to his employees, to their skills and hard work and the fact that they and their families deserved a regular, reliable income.

Somehow, he entered into secret negotiations with the Medical Guild, and they agreed that they had a number of common points of interest, from massage to contraception and the prevention of diseases of the private areas. When the Medical Guild publicly offered to take the Carnal Guild under its purview, training its practitioners in medical massage and other related matters, a deal was finally struck and the Carnal Guild was legally recognized by Affanumuur in 1449.

The negotiations had taken years, and whittled away Amargarituís fortune. As an older dancer and licensed prostitute, he found he could not command the same high fees, though he was able to support himself in comfort. He spent his later years running the Carnal Guild in Affanumuur and working to spread the Carnal Guild first to Tifireruuth in 1453, then to Affabreidalam in 1454, then to other cities throughout the Empire over the following two decades.

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