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The Shades of Yesterday (1520.04.02): Unafari, a record clerk, notices something odd about a museum display. (Supporters Only!)
~ 1871 words, Created by: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), Posted: 04/12/10  

This story or poem is for logged in supporters only! Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

Unafari frowned, chewing on the end of the pencil. It was a bad habit, she knew, that could leave her with blue teeth or lips if she wasn't careful. How could they possibly know who these costumes belonged to? she wondered, not for the first time. Lord's costume and Lady's costume, yes. Neuter child's costume, yes. But a family? Something bothered her about that. Oh, the costumes showed the same color scheme and style, clearly from the same vintage. Yet some of the tiny details varied, making her doubt them as a matched set. Naming day costume ... maybe. She recognized the zigzag lines that appeared on many festive garments of Glifai manufacture. The owner must have worn this to some ceremony. However, it lacked the twin holes in the lapel whose ragged tracks were a sign of authenticity. The Glifai often used feathered pins to show status, and those tore the threads under stress -- say, if the wearer got hugged by a lot of excited people.

Setting her folder aside, Unafari took out her magnifying glass. With it she peered through the glass case at the lapel. She could find no sign of pin marks. I think this one might be a fake, she decided. I'll just finish the close-up details and then go check the case catalog.

Author's Notes

This story came out of the March 2010 Muse Fusion. It was inspired by a prompt from Ellen Million. It has been halfway sponsored by Mikka. 8 credits will complete this sponsorship.

Here we get a glimpse into ordinary life in Affabreidalam, and one of its main attractions, Glifai costumes. It is known that historic costumes are often mis-attributed, and sometimes faked. Ferreting out the truth is a hobby for some citizens -- but it can have unforseen consequences! I wanted to show that in action.

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