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The First Flakes   1519.06.14  
Creators: Toni Sturtevant (Writer)
Taiv spends a relaxing late-summer afternoon with a group of snowies.
Posted: 05/20/10      [1 Comment] ~ 237 words.

Taiv listened to the roll of the thunder over the distant peaks, and tried to gauge how long it would be before the wind picked up in the secluded meadow where she stood watch over the small group of snowies. Summer storms descended quickly in the mountains. Although the distant clouds that were building might indicate a storm that would pass through quickly and pose little or no danger, lightning was still an appreciable potential danger to Taiv and the snowies in the meadow.

Taiv needed to be sure that she had time to get the seven beasts back down into the craggy little valley where she and the other two rangers had made their encampment for this particular summer excursion, before the potential thunderstorm descended. Taiv was up in the mountains with Dasa and Manuu this time, and together the three of them were in charge of a group of 21 snowies. Their goal for what remained of the summer was to keep the keep the big beasts safe and ensure that they got access to as much quality green grazing every day as the three rangers could lead them too. This particular section of the mountains provided a nice string of high altitude meadows, which were at their lushest now as summer was just starting to fade. The snowies were in crunching munching bliss, apparently oblivious to the far off booming of the thunder.

Taiv couldn

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