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Crazy   1519.09.06  
Creators: Ellen Million (Writer), Mike Hebel (Patron)
Denel and Oranaan meet a cultural schools student while investigating the madness caused by anomalies.
Posted: 04/19/11      [2 Comments] ~ 270 words.

The madhouse of Affamarg was a stone building in the city outskirts, unremarkable from the outside, except for the fact that only the offices on the top level had any windows. That, coupled with the thick brick wall that marched around it, made it look a little like a large ship in a very small pool that had been drained. It was attached, loosely, to the cultural schools building that squatted two blocks to the north, offering the students hands-on examples of the ways that mental faculty could break down. It also gave the professors a wealth of unpleasant tasks to assign to students who fell out of favor, cleaning up after those who had lost the grasp of normal bladder and bowel behavior, or feeding the unfortunates who had lost that ability.

Gliiveran was one of the few undergraduates who was there by choice, fascinated by the examples of ways that the brain could go wrong, and more fascinated by the myriad of reactions that the wardens and other students had to the poor creatures.

At some point, he had gotten used to the smell, even in the lower levels where the more violent inhabitants were kept caged and cleaning was sometime deferred for safety reasons.

Visitors did not have that advantage, and Gliiveran could hear the distaste in their voices even before he turned to observe them. A girl in scientist robes and an unexpectedly young man for the indigo science master robes he was wearing were being led by one of the stone-faced wardens to a cage that held one of the newest and most interesting inhabitants.

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Characters Featured:
Oranaan, Denel,

Story collections:
It's Not Magic, It's Science!
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