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In a Blink...   --  
Creators: Mike Hebel (Writer)
A mysterious item... and a mysterious visitor...
Posted: 02/08/11      [No comments yet] ~ 615 words.

This piece is non-canon. It may not correctly reflect setting details and established plotlines.

Something wasn't right and Oranaan could smell it.


"Would someone MIND properly placing the heater under the boiler and NOT under the oiled bearings?"

With furtive movements one of the crowd of fledgling apprentices that had recently been assigned to him (as their punishment he suspected) moved the heater six inches inwards to center it under the assembly.

His eyes itching again from his nocturnal habits Oranaan surveyed the entire assembly.

And still couldn't fathom it's purpose.

"What did you say this was supposed to do again?" he asked of the room.

Dead silence greeted his request until someone hidden in the crowed cleared his throat.

"We aren't sure. Frankly...we thought you'd know."

One eyebrow beneath Oranaan's curled bangs rose as he tried to pinpoint the source of the voice.

"Well...that looks like it's supposed to produce steam while that large glass piece moves vertically. Not sure what these hoses are." grabbing at a square corded protrusion and lifting it to be rewarded with a strange tone emanating from the underside. "Nor am I sure of this as well." he said placing the item hack in it's holder.

"Still it's incredibly interesting whatever it is."

"I think so too!" said a firm voice behind him.

The crowd moved aside to reveal a tall thin man with unkempt hair that could only be described as slightly pointed but in a horizontal direction and wearing the most bizarre brown suit of clothes Oranaan had ever seen.

"And you are??" Oranaan asked carefully.

"The owner of said item!" the tall man said his voice overflowing with the humor reflected in his face "I'm very glad that you found it but could you please not start it on fire?" he asked removing the heating pod from underneath it.

"My apologies." Oranaan said grinning. I like this man. "Would you be so kind as to tell me what exactly this device does?"

"That my friend is a LONG explanation. Suffice it to say it's part of my ship which gets me where I would like to go which at the moment is back in time to save a friend from certain death. Everyone please stand back now!"

With those words the stranger flipped up a cover on the device and inserted a most ordinary looking key and turned it sharply to the right. Upon doing so a blue haze started to appear around the box and gradually composed itself into a rectangular box with four sides of windowed doors and an object on the slightly peaked top.

"A...lantern on top?" Oranaan muttered his eyes wide with surprise.

A rattling came from one of the doors and it was flung open by the tall man who stuck his head unceremoniously out of the box. "I can't thank you enough for your help!"

Looking over the tall man's shoulder Oranaan saw something that at once confused and thrilled him. Behind the tall man, inside the small blue box, was a large room shining with orange reflections of light. "How?..." Oranann started to ask.

The tall man grinned wider than most would think prudent (the grin of a madman) and pointed his finger at Oranaan. "No spoilers!"

With that the door closed and suddenly the box began to fade. It made a sound that to this day Oranaan can not describe. A cross between a badly tuned harp and a laundry washboard. Eventually it faded to nothingness and in a blink was gone.

"Where did he go?" someone in the crowd of faces asked.

"That much is obvious." remarked Oranaan his eyes still focused on the empty spot where the blue box had been "He went somewhere in time."

Author's Notes

A planet with frozen time? Sounds like you couldn't keep a doctor away from it! ;-)

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