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Cage of Hope   Poem  
Creators: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), PeggyB (Inspiration)
This poem explores the symbolism of a cage bead in Northern culture.
Posted: 07/12/11      [1 Comment] ~ 236 words.

The future is fragile
Warm and wavering
Keep it cradled
Holding it hale

Dreams and desires
Worked in wood or bone
Enclosing a core
Perfect and precious

Only this bead breaks
Core clicking quietly
No other sound
Until hope first opens
as frost in cupped fingers,
as one red flame.
in a cage of hope,
against all harm.

make durable bars
or wonderful metal,
of kinship to come,
as pure as the rain.

the silence before birth,
against the cage.
disturbs the stillness
wings and flies free.

(Alternate formatting):

The future is fragile     as frost in cupped fingers,
Warm and wavering     as one red flame.
Keep it cradled     in a cage of hope,
Holding it hale     against all harm.

Dreams and desires     make durable bars
Worked in wood or bone     or wonderful metal,
Enclosing a core     of kinship to come,
Perfect and precious     as pure as the rain.

Only this bead breaks     the silence before birth,
Core clicking quietly     against the cage.
No other sound     disturbs the stillness
Until hope first opens     wings and flies free.

Author's Notes

This poem came out of the March 2011 Muse Fusion. It was inspired by a prompt from Peggy B. (LJ user Vaerys).

Like many Northern poems, "Cage of Hope" relies on strong alliteration for its cohesion. Each line also features a caesura, or break, toward the middle.

Unlocked to the public in the April 2014 Muse Fusion Bingo!

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