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Sundering Sunlight   poem  
Creators: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Elizabeth Barrette (Inspiration)
Mraffuu is eccentric but amusing, so the guards tolerate him sewing twists of wire to his underclothes to ward off danger in a time crystal mine.
Posted: 10/23/12      [1 Comment] ~ 188 words.

The land is broken, but healing,
The sunlight above fragments into crystals
And death

Mraffuu sews wire patterns to his underclothes
To ward off mythic sky monsters
The guards and other prisoners laugh,
But they enjoy his stories

When the sun is high enough
The guards herd the prisoners up onto the hills
"Time to work for your keep."

Mraffuu spies a mid-air shimmer
He carries the heavy wooden ladder
In two pairs of gloves--leather over cotton-and wire
He sets it near, but not too close

He reaches out with regulation stone tongs
It's hard to ease the glimmer loose
In his bulky outfit and double gloves

But Mraffuu is strong
His muscles bulge under his two shirts
A time-crystal lands in the sand
To be packed into a stone box

The harvest of deadly crystals grows
Today no one falls screaming or dead
Tonight there will be sweets

Mraffuu savors his dessert
He doesn't expect to leave the mines
His sentence is too many months
Yet he can't stop hoping for home

The moons rise over the chicory
Below, the prisoners are lost in nightmares
Or dreams

Author's Notes

This was inspired by Ysabet's prompts involving sand and sunlight in the August 2012 Muse Fusion.

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