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This is a brief introduction to all developed southern characters at Torn World. All artwork and stories that a character appears in is linked in their full character sheet - click on the picture, or their name for more information about them!

These characters are citizens of the Empire or Purists, though a few are currently located in the north. Note that this list only includes fully developed characters - there are many more bit characters waiting for further details!

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Alko ~Owned by Elizabeth Barrette ~ Southern character

Alko is a retired soldier who lives in Affamarg. He limps slightly from the old injury that ended his military career. Though outwardly brusque, Alko cares deeply for his family.

Bio picture by: Ellen M.

Araida ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Araida is a friendly outgoing girl seeking to better the world in anyway she can.

Bio picture by: Misti Turner

Arremina ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Arremina is an athletic and adventurous 10-year-old with a secret past. Since her mother told her that secret, they have grown closer, and Arre has gotten permission to start learning more exciting skills, such as rock climbing.

Bio picture by: Deirdre M. Murphy

Bai ~Owned by Ellen Million ~ Southern character

A large, friendly man who believes wholeheartedly in the good of the Empire and has a tremendous work ethic.

Bio picture by: Cris Griffin

Denel ~Owned by Ellen Million ~ Southern character

Denel is a quiet, unassuming young woman, plain in appearance and much smarter than she looks. She carries the rank of Scientist, but delayed her studies to marry Jerumal. They have two children.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Diren ~Owned by Holly H. ~ Southern character

An innocent, enthusiastic explorer with map-making and geology skills.

Bio picture by: Tod

Draiden ~Owned by Melissa Nelson ~ Southern character

Draiden is the creator and manager of 'Draiden's Caravan of Curious Oddities', a traveling sideshow. He is seen as a womanizer but has a soft spot for maidens in distress. He has a passion for taxidermy and is quickly losing his heart to his employee, Mirsa.

Bio picture by: Lorna Cowie

Emeroma ~Owned by mikka ~ Southern character

A brilliant engineering scientist specializing in application of magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Tall, straight and a touch overweight, with silvering brown hair and brown eyes.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Esarrali ~Owned by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon ~ Southern character

Esarrali is nearly a scientist, and wants to make a name for herself. She wants to write her dissertation about something no one has ever seen before.

Ferelye ~Owned by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon ~ Southern character

Ferelye is a no-gender person of Slunai descent who is studying to be a medic and dreams of working with children. She is currently sailing on the Rainbow Chaser, looking for a university to complete her studies in, and working as assistant to the ship's medic to pay for her passage.

Filor ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

A child in Affamarg, who thinks acting would be more fun than science. Nephew of Dini and Lalya.

Fleitamelo ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Fleitamelo is an artist and businesswoman whose life is focused on her daughter, Arremina, and keeping a certain fact in her history secret. Her pottery ranges from practical to decorative.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Iremima ~Owned by Ellen Million ~ Southern character

A capable ships captain, Iremima is decisive and sharp-witted, with a fun-loving streak. She loves sailing and hexball.

Bio picture by: Laura Mori

Iri ~Owned by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon ~ Southern character

Iri likes to know everything; she's good with research and paperwork, and can find out what you need to know to satisfactorily complete just about any license application.

Jakal ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Jakal works as a painter and jewelry maker, to hide her secret occupation as an assassin. She can be violent, but tries to hide it. She is secretive and lonely. She has one friend named Araida.

Bio picture by: Misti Turner

Jerumal ~Owned by Uneide ~ Southern character

A charming, charismatic young man who rose through the Science ranks to Leader in very short order. He is married to Denel, with two young children.

Bio picture by: Laura Melis

Jramela ~Owned by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon ~ Southern character

Born in Affafilalo, Jramela won the chance to study under Emeroma and be involved in the building of the City of Lights.

Kalesita ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Kalesita is a shy, timid 16 yr. old girl that loves nature and being by herself.

Bio picture by: Misti Turner

Lalya ~Owned by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon ~ Southern character

Lalya is very much in love with his boyfriend, Dini, and they both want children, so he has embarked on the process of becoming licensed as a woman to make their dreams come true. Since he never really thought much about gender roles or his own gender before, he really doesn't know what to expect.

Bio picture by: Lorna Cowie

Lei ~Owned by Amy Waller ~ Southern character

A star actress in the Theatre Guild, Lei specializes in male roles. A very career focused woman, she sometimes finds it hard to keep her professional persona from bleeding into her everyday life.

Maathu ~Owned by Ellen Million ~ Southern character

Maathu is the License Master of the local licensing office in Affamarg, and Bai's rival.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Malaamig ~Owned by Ellen Million ~ Southern character

A quiet, capable man of extreme strength and outdoor skill. He's very difficult to get to know. He owns several working dogs.

Bio picture by: Marianne Mathiasen

Neteilyu ~Owned by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon ~ Southern character

Neteilyu is a canny businesswoman and an artist who works in found objects and monster parts. She sells her wares in a rustic sales tent that's set up on Pebble Beach between The Smiling Serpent and The Jiggling Sea-Jelly.

Bio picture by: Deirdre M. Murphy

Nleimen ~Owned by Elizabeth Barrette ~ Southern character

Nleimen is a cute young woman currently studying Fifth Form, with an emphasis on animal genetics. She networks avidly to advance her academic and scientific interests.

Bio picture by: LiveJournal user catatonic_cats aka DeviantArt user Changeweaver

Olarali ~Owned by Lorna (Comtessa) ~ Southern character

Senior Prostitute for the House of Scarlet Wings. Company for the 'rich and famous' and undercover blackmailer in a bribery ring.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Omorth ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Omorth has the classic Glifai features and performs the no gender role for a Trefoil dance troupe in Affabreidalam.

Bio picture by: Artwork by Ellen Million

Oranaan ~Owned by Mike Hebel ~ Southern character

A wild scientific genius with little self-control. Not terrific-looking, but animated and out-going enough to be appealing.

Bio picture by: Lorna Cowie

Orimala ~Adoptable Character! ~ Southern character

Orimala is a friendly, active girl and a member of the Musicians Guild, training to become a vocal performer.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Rai ~Owned by Elizabeth Barrette ~ Southern character

Rai is the fraternal twin brother of Bai. Blind from birth, Rai runs a small luxury shop catering to people with impaired vision. Rai can be charming or ruthless depending on how well people treat him.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Relissem ~Owned by Rhiannon Rose ~ Southern character

A straight-laced, irritable, traditionalist, and stern engineer-officer with no patience for people and endless patience for systems and mechanics.

Ressa ~Owned by Ellen Million ~ Southern character

A highly efficient and linear-thinking woman of great beauty.

Bio picture by: Ellen Million

Rraneffa ~Owned by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon ~ Southern character

Rraneffa is a Chief and priestess of her people, blessed by the Crystal Desert itself.

Sherith ~Owned by Lorna (Comtessa) ~ Southern character

A sly, devious, and manipulating man who works for Jarl.

Vloroshaal ~Owned by Elizabeth Barrette ~ Southern character

Vloroshaal is a fiery man in his forties. He runs an art gallery called Points of Interest in the city of Faajaffug.

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