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Comments on 'The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 5 of 8)'

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Holly H.The storm was exciting, and the woken-up nest of whatever those poisonous bugs were was A NIGHTMARE. (oh my god, I have spent nights in a tent that is teeming with bugs, with a storm outside. Vivid memories. Completely miserable.) The debate at the end was really tense. I totally get Anler’s position, but… they’ve already wasted a tremendous amount of resources (that the Elders agreed to gamble) to get this far. How awful would it be to have to turn back, and to have wasted it all for nothing? Obviously they’d still make contact with the South when the ship returns, but it would be a bitter pill to have made this gamble and then had all that fodder and everything gone for nothing. On the other hand… wasting the resources has to be weighed against the scale of the waste (and tragedy) if they lost some of the snowies, and even if they themselves all perished in the attempt. (Even though those ARE the risks one has to take with exploration.) (Anler’s mood is also worrying me, of course. I’m glad he can tell why he’s being so stubborn in the argument, but it still doesn’t seem good that his attraction to Birka has become such an obsession. And while he has given in, he’s not happy about it, and that also worries me.)
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