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Comments on 'The Lichenwold Crossing (Part 7 of 8)'

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Holly H.Ugh! Well, so much for Tiren staying neutral! (Although I think that the bits and pieces I’ve picked up about how he reacted to the Fala and Dareg situation should have prepared me for the fact that possibly he isn’t good at staying neutral.) The whole situation is very interesting for what’s not being said, as well. (And I’m in the position of not having yet read widely about this culture, so I’m trying to feel out the boundaries of these interactions through what is said and what isn’t.) Tiren accuses Birka of “flaunting” the empty bead space, while Anler also feels as if Birka’s actions were leading him on… but I can’t help but wonder a few things, as well.

First -- sure, Birka probably should have knotted her necklace. But is it really that unreasonable for her to think that the circumstances of this mission spoke for themselves, and everyone involved should have known not to complicate things with beads? (I don’t think so! I would have thought they were all mature enough and experienced enough to know that.) Second, it made me wonder what really constitutes “leading on” in this society, but… I feel like what Birka was doing was NOT it. I mean, the Northerners are already demonstrative, and she and Anler have been close from childhood. Sure, things are going to get complicated when such a long-standing friendship is opened to the possibility of becoming something more, but… it just seemed like Birka’s actions were all on an appropriate level for someone with whom she is very very good friends. (Granted, she had that warning from Tiren, but still. Was she supposed to stop treating Anler the way she has always treated him?) Ugh, indeed!

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