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Comments on 'At the Edges of the Maps, Part 1'

Please note: These comments are the personal opinons of members, and do not represent any sort of official judgement, even if they are made by people in club management.  Everyone deserves respect for their creativity; but if you find a critical comment on one of your works, please don't take it personally.  On the other hand, personal attacks are not tolerated and any comment containing them will be deleted as soon as we discover it!

Holly H.I’m always glad to see others as fascinated by maps as I am! :) (I have always loved them since I started reading, and I often feel unsettled unless I can orient myself to a story’s world via a map.) Although, I would love a look at the maps as the characters are seeing them, since I think that the map available on the website is showing us more than the characters can see.

I was really interested by the description of what the barriers were like. Without knowing more about it at the moment, I’m wondering if the way the Northerners see vivid blue light, as well as the effects, is peculiar to them, the way being able to see the Others is. (I’m sure I’ll find out more later!)

Also speaking of finding out more later, I noticed that one of the main focuses of Birka and others on the idea of being able to go overland and catch the ship before its return involved being able to bring much more food north than the Northerners can hope to get on their own… I think? I’m not as widely read yet in stories set in the North, so I wasn’t QUITE sure whether this concern about food is more closely tied to the loss of Itadesh and its stores, or just, overall with the subsistence level of living up there.

It also kind of made me wonder immediately how the barter or purchase system would work. Birka doesn’t think about it -- but that doesn’t mean she won’t later, or that it won’t be brought up later. I don’t know as much yet about the Northern economy. But my immediate thought was that if they want to bring a lot of food back north, they’re going to have to pay for that food… and how will they do that? Not that there aren’t many potential ways to pay, but I’m wondering what some of the folk in the Empire might want of the Northerners, and whether it will be a good idea to sell themselves too cheaply, even for dearly needed food.

PeggyBIt is good to see the plot moving forward, hinting at an adventurous journey for the Northerners... although I found this particularly part a bit rushed.
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