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Comments on 'Finding the Beauty'

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Amelia MargettsFeatured in LJ Community's Writing Spotlight 3-11-14!
Ellen MillionThis is another piece that I'm really happy to see get sponsored - it's a charming look at a really interested character. It's splendid to see Marai make a place for herself.
Non-Member ArtistOriginally posted in somewhat different form as a comment on the author's blog. I've been a linguistic researcher my whole career, and I did my grad work on American Sign Language, so I found this story of particular interest. I'm only somewhat familiar with the TW setting, so some of the questions I asked here may be obvious to regulars, but I hope this input will give some Torn World cocreators some ideas for writing about the deaf community(/ies) there.

Well, I enjoyed that.**

Are there many deaf people in Marai's community? I ask because a single deaf person does not have a language.* It takes a community, and some continuity across generations, for a sign language to grow from homesign gestures. And the ease with which several people understand her signing, and sign to her, suggests a sign language, and therefore at least a small deaf community. In isolated areas, these can develop because of a founder effect: some of the early dwellers there carry a gene that makes deafness more likely. The best known example is probably Martha's Vineyard Sign Language.

It's clear from the speechreading that Marai is post-lingually deaf, i.e., she knew the spoken language before losing her hearing. But a genetic susceptibility to a disease that can affect hearing would increase the deaf population.

* in our world
** and not just as a geek :-)
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