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Comments on 'The Shaman and the Scientist'

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Holly H.Oh! I liked this very much! This the first time I’ve gotten to see the non-science side of the Empire; the traditional side, if you will. I really liked what we saw of how Kunabei’s role is structured, and I adored the divination process and its tools and symbols. (And how useful the reading was! :D) I’ll have to jump over to her story collection to see where that goes. I liked very much how she interpreted Oranaan, too -- her observation that he finds joy just in being outrageous, and that in some part he may continue to do it because it gives him advantages in doing the kind of work he wants to do.

The one thing that puzzled me was wondering how it came to be that Oranaan would call upon someone from so very far away from Affamarg. Like, from this story itself (and my encountering it first through The Invisible Menace collection), I wasn’t sure how Kunabei was identified as the expert Oranaan wanted to consult; and of the shamans from her part of the world, why her, in particular. (And further -- why she would travel to him, in Affamarg, rather than his travelling to consult her in her home. I mean, my guess would be because he’s an important person and didn’t want to leave his other experiments in Affamarg, and thus it’s easier to invite her to come to him. But if he had gone to her, she might have been able to point to other local effects of the wraiths / anomalies, which might have given him important information, too. Or allowed him to perform more experiments there.)

Amelia MargettsFeatured in LJ Community's Writing Spotlight 4-14-2015!
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