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New to Torn World? Find out more about our shared-world project here!

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Start Here Stories

Short stand-alone stories that are a good place to get acquainted with Torn World.

These stories touch on some of the unique world features of Torn World, but don't require a lot of background familiarity to enjoy. Some of them are entwined with larger plot-lines, but stand alone without them. These include stories from the isolated northern culture, as well as stories from the sprawling, diverse Empire to the south. You may wish to read the Start Here! overview, as well! All of these stories are available free to any reader!

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Dance To Fend Off The Sky (1498.05.02): High in the Breida Mountains, a goat girl dances in welcome silence, until a mysterious danger known to her ancestors (and laughed at by Empire scientists) threatens. (Reprinted in Broad Spectrum: The 2012 Broad Universe Fiction Sampler)
~ 222 words, Created by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Posted: 10/04/10  


Fala the Leader (1500.06.08): Fala and her young agemates have an adventure while picking blackberries.
~ 2885 words, Created by: Ellen Million (Editor), Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), Posted: 01/03/10  


Colors of Change (1512.04.06): A routine trip to clean out pipes turns into much more...
~ 4179 words, Created by: Ellen Million (Writer), Edward Cammarota (Patron), Posted: 10/17/12  


Everberries (1516.07.05): Birka goes out on a late autumn harvest with all of her age-mates.
~ 4599 words, Created by: Ellen Million (Illustration), Ellen Million (Writer), Posted: 08/04/11  


Beads and Memories (1520.02.08): Facing death is just a part of growing up in the North.
~ 9 words, Created by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Posted: 01/24/10  

Building a Home (1520.04.08): The Empire's licensing system can lead to some interesting domestic choices.
~ 10 words, Created by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Ally Loughrin (Patron), Ally Loughrin (Inspiration), Lorna (Comtessa) (Inspiration), Posted: 02/19/10  

Without Fail (1520.05.09): Warsailor Brelig meets License Master Alaaffi on a cruise ship.
~ 2423 words, Created by: Meeks (Illustration), Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), Posted: 05/25/11  


Modulations (1520.05.29): Arfa and Grinos live a routine, humdrum life, but an injury for one and a lucky discovery for the other makes big changes in their lives.
~ 55 words, Created by: Valerie Joanne Higgins (Writer), Posted: 11/04/10  


Say No To The Empire (1520.06.17): An employee of the Empire goes to work.
~ 1316 words, Created by: Ellen Million (Writer), Posted: 03/29/10  


Lightning Strikes (1520.07.19): Emeroma and Oranaan search for answers to the problems plaguing the City of Lights.
~ 1160 words, Created by: Ellen Million (Writer), Posted: 12/06/10  


Story Time in Torn World (1520.09.13): Children in different parts of the world ask for exciting stories of the dangers they may face as adults.
~ 813 words, Created by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Posted: 01/28/13  

Under Cover (1520.10.28): An agent of the Empire infiltrates a meeting of discontent cripples.
~ 1230 words, Created by: Elizabeth Barrette (Patron), Ellen Million (Writer), Posted: 04/24/14  


Pure (future): Birka discovers more differences between the Empire and the Snow-Unicorn riders.
~ 1773 words, Created by: Ellen Million (Writer), Posted: 06/13/08  

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