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Welcome to Torn World Muse Fusion #45!

During our event, which runs May 3 at 9 AM through May 9 at 6 PM (AK time), you may leave prompts for the writers and artists of Torn World. Prompts may be general or specific, or links to inpirational material using html markup. They should be applicable to the Torn World setting (guns and magic do not exist here!). You are also invited to ask questions as prompts. You may receive a direct answer... or you may receive a story or piece of artwork that illustrates your answer. Ellen will be hosting a chat at 2PM Friday to trouble-shoot any coding problems and answer any membership questions you may have. Remember, May is Sea Monster Month!

Muse Fusion #46 will be August 7-13, with a theme of Skycats! Join the Facebook event for reminders!

Sorry! No new prompts now - the Muse Fusion is closed!

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Fins and fans - prompted by: mikka

Comment from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: I have an outline for a Pebble Beach cozy mystery. In the opening scene the woman who manages the dancers at the Jiggling Jelly is in Neteilyu's tent, asking about a custom order of fin fans for the dancers, when word comes that That Woman From Affanumur (the owner who Dulilm dislikes) has been murdered with one of the heavy monster-tooth mugs , that Dulilm sells at the Smiling Sea Serpent.

Usually I'd share an excerpt, but I only have real clues in my outline so far, which would make solving the mystery way too easy! Thank you for the prompt!

Now I'd better get writing.

Reply from mikka: Oh, definitely don't give the mystery away too early! I look forward to the story. And am pondering tooth mugs ...

It is only the dose that makes the thing a poison - prompted by: mikka
Tme to call in a scientist - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Restless - prompted by: Layla Lawlor
A sea monster somewhere far inland - prompted by: Layla Lawlor
An unexpected warm current - prompted by: Layla Lawlor

Comment from Ellen Million: This really needs to be done in color... some tangleweed that has come north on a warm current!

Sinking fast - prompted by: Layla Lawlor
A source of clean water - prompted by: Layla Lawlor
The Clam Before the Storm (no, that's not a typo) - prompted by: Layla Lawlor
Why Olarali loves Sea Snails - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Tasty Tentacles - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Salt, it's good for your skin! - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
The Southerner has a vial of seawater - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Married on the shore of a storm - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Mythical Scales - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Seaweed weaving - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
The perfect pearl - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Singing to shore - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Light at the end of the Tentacle - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Submerged Crystals - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)

Comment from Ellen Million: I have a sketch for this that I did in the first care waiting room today! I will photo/scan it... soon?

Comment from Ellen Million:

When the sea turned red - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Skinny dipping isn't just for kids! - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
There once was an unusual fish... - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
The first ice flow - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Lunging for a Kill - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Iridescent Shells - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Sea Rebels - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Wave Dancers - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)

Comment from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Smart-Arm Dance
By Deirdre M. Murphy

The children dance, bright spears in hands
Chasing the waves, stabbing the surf
The pearly cone-shells sure look sharp
Like true blades shining in the sun

In the water lurks one dancer
Snorkel hidden by salty froth
Suddenly, she stands, fiercely shrieks,
Attacks swinging six leather limbs

They dance out an epic combat
And when one child strikes her chest
The mock-monster falls to the sand
With much drama, she acts its death

The victors cheer their brave triumph
Before another claims the rig
The girl picks up a gleaming spear
They grin and start the dance again

Reply from Ellen Million: I love this! I may have to sketch that rig. :)

Stars reflecting across the sea - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
A flock of dreamskates - prompted by: Ellen Million
the eye of the storm - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon

Comment from Ellen Million: A teeny tiny painting of a teeny tiny sea serpent they eye of a storm.

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Yay!

children playing - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
flowers in the sand - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Tentacles vs. Arms - prompted by: Deborah J. Brannon

Comment from Ellen Million: It's the tentacles you have to watch out for! (I'm practicing dynamic perspective; it's a personal goal!)

Reply from mikka: How did that poor kraken wind up in the rigging?!?

Pretty scales and fins - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
A flood - prompted by: Ellen Million
Tipcard disaster - prompted by: Ellen Million

Comment from Lorna (Comtessa): Olarali stared at the card in her hand. How did she end up with this? What was it even?! Her brow furrowed as she flipped it over, only to see a briefly scrawled picture of a quill and book upon the back before she turned it back once more.

'Well, what ever....'

She threw the small tip card upon her desk, puzzled, and had full intentions of leaving it before she caught something out of the corner of her eye as she moved away. Carefully she approached the card once more, and partially knelt down to stare at it.

Across the surface of the dainty piece of art, a very faint ripple marred its almost picture-perfect image of a vase of roses, and before her very eyes, that picture morphed into something else. With a yelp she jumped back, tripping over a discarded shoe and landing half on the bed before sliding off.


It was very rare that she had any cause of unrest, and by a piece of card? This was becoming ridiculous. Gathering herself up, she pulled herself to her feet and approached the card once more, and between her fingers she plucked it from the polished surface to examine it closer.

Being careful not to bend or tear the delicate thing, she tilted it slightly in her hands until the second image came into view, and it wasn't until she stroked a nail across it that she realised that it had been almost impossibly folded hundreds of times, until it appeared flat, and the second inking came into view when glanced at a certain angle.

Across the newly exposed folded edges sprawled an impossibly endowed man, laying back upon a bed of what looked to be seaweed and rocks. Cradled within one hand he held a spiralling shell that ended in a vicious point, and in the other, well... That hand went south, way south. A vague impression of a tremulous sea rippled behind the gentleman, and upon a rolling crest, a sailing ship perched jauntily.

The oddest thing of all of that, was if she tilted it the tiniest bit more, the man winked at her! 'Good grief, well, that's a disastrous card in the wrong hands!'

Though, just to be safe, she slipped it into her night stand. Wouldn't want any fainting men or women getting all beside themselves, it simply wouldn't do.

Reply from Ellen Million: <3 <3 <3!! This is marvelous. I can just picture it.

Keeping a promise - prompted by: Ellen Million
Do Lalya and Dini see any sea monsters on their honeymoon? - prompted by: Ellen Million
A salty surprise - prompted by: Ellen Million
Symbionts and/or Parasites - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon

Comment from Ellen Million: I'm not sure if drill barnacles are strictly speaking parasites, since they don't do much damage unless they aren't getting enough food filter feeding, but they can definitely be problematic!

A shore excursion. - prompted by: Ellen Million
Sea Monster Sweets - prompted by: Ellen Million

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