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Welcome to Torn World Muse Fusion #46!

During our event, which runs August 7 at 9 AM through August 13 at 6 PM (AK time), you may leave prompts for the writers and artists of Torn World. Prompts may be general or specific, or links to inpirational material using html markup. They should be applicable to the Torn World setting (guns and magic do not exist here!). You are also invited to ask questions as prompts. You may receive a direct answer... or you may receive a story or piece of artwork that illustrates your answer.

August is Skycat month, though your prompts do not need to be that specific. :)
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Sorry! No new prompts now - the Muse Fusion is closed!

Currently sorted by newest anonymous
By a whisker - prompted by: Ellen Million
The Skycat and the (you pick) - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald

Comment from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: The skykitten and the quilt! Also inspired by Ellen's "bedrest" prompt.

This is a first draft, but I hope you'll enjoy it despite the flaws.

[b]Kairbu’s Treasure[/b]

The quilt is warm, with new patches sewn over old
The newer bits don’t follow the original pattern
But Kairbu loves them, every one.
The pink and black ones her sister added to make
A border of lopsided diamonds and triangles.
The red ones, sewn by color-blind Okatirba
To replace green ones grown threadbare.
The blue and yellow ones, sewn by grandchildren
With big sloppy stitches and so much love
They are just as dear as the perfect squares
Sewn by her mother and grandmother
To make a blanket to cover her crib.

Unlike Kairbu, the skykitten is young and nimble
It leaps and lands, sprawled on the wooden floor
Its tiny claws splayed, and eyes bright.
It was bought for her great-granddaughter Kairda
Color-blind, like Okatirba before her
But bright and cheerful, doing well in first form
Kairbu imagines her as a doctor someday
But now the girl laughs and chases the kitten
Who leaps and finally catches some air.
It wobbles onto Kairbu’s bed, grabbing it frantically.
The quilt stops the cat’s movement
And its sharp claws pull old fabric apart
Letting the stuffing show through.

“Kitten! No!” The little girl lifts the kitten
And carefully separates its claws from the cloth.
“It’s all right.” Karibu smiles.
“He’s just a kitten, enjoying life.”
“But he ripped your quilt open!”
The little girl tries to pull the cloth together.
“It’s just a quilt. People—and cats—matter more than fabric.”
“No, it’s not! It’s _your_ quilt, your quilt of stories!”
Kairbu has told the stories of her family on this quilt—
This dress was ripped climbing a tree,
That fabric was a gift, those were just scraps,
Still, Kairbu pats the child’s hand.
“It’s true, Kairda, that the quilt holds all my stories,
But now, it holds this skykitten’s story too.”
The girl touched the rips again, looking determined.
“And my stories too.” Kairda sets the kitten down.
“I’ll add a new patch, black like the cat!”
Kairbu smiles. “I would like that.”

And later, she pretends to sleep
Covered in Kairda’s blanket,
While another layer of love
And another generation of stories
Is added, stitch by clumsy stitch
To her first and oldest treasure.

A skycat fishing with her tail. - prompted by: Deborah J. Brannon
A calico skykitten! - prompted by: Deborah J. Brannon

Comment from Ellen Million: Meow! This one looks like trouble...

The new artwork by Deirdre begs for a fable! http://www.tornworld.net/artpageview.php?id=520 - prompted by: Ellen Million
Snow unicorn rider - prompted by: Julie Rabischung
Steampunk skycat - prompted by: Julie Rabischung

Comment from Ellen Million: I don't know about the adorable goggles, but I loved the idea of a skycat ferrying messages.

Skycat glides off with yarn end - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald

Comment from Ellen Million: Way too much detail for an aceo....

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: Cute! :D

Swamp critters - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
A regular domestic cat that thinks it's a skycat - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
A plant Skycat (or a skycat) loves - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon

Comment from Ellen Million: I imagine there is something lile catnip in Torn World.

Reply from Afke: Okay, that's pure love right there. XD

If we understood it, we wouldn't call it an anomaly - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Honoring a Scientist - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
A mysterious medical problem - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon

Comment from Ellen Million: I've started a story for this!

Flowers where there shouldn't be - prompted by: Afke
Decorating - prompted by: Afke
Hidden between the leaves - prompted by: Afke

Comment from Ellen Million: I plan to paint this!

Reply from Ellen Million:

Reply from Afke: Loving it! It looks very curious. :)

Running - prompted by: Afke
Fluffy and cute - prompted by: Afke
Moonlit and secretive - prompted by: Afke
A day off - prompted by: Afke
Up in the sky - prompted by: Afke
Service pets - prompted by: Ellen Million
Training - prompted by: Ellen Million
Brought to heel - prompted by: Ellen Million
Just a nibble - prompted by: Ellen Million
The first domestic skycat - prompted by: Ellen Million
Ancient ruins - prompted by: Ellen Million
Bedrest - prompted by: Ellen Million
Feral skykittens in the garden - prompted by: Ellen Million

Comment from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: I've started a painting--a garden with a statue of a scientist for a start, but I need to work on it more. Oh, and add the kittens!

Reply from Ellen Million: Oh, how awesome! Can't wait to see this finished! Acrylics?

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Yes, acrylics. 9" x 12"

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Yes, acrylics. 9" x 12"

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Yes, acrylics. 9" x 12"

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