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Welcome to Torn World Muse Fusion #44!

During our event, which runs March 20 at 9 AM through March 24 at 6 PM (AK time), you may leave prompts for the writers and artists of Torn World. Prompts may be general or specific, or links to inpirational material using html markup. They should be applicable to the Torn World setting (guns and magic do not exist here!). You are also invited to ask questions as prompts. You may receive a direct answer... or you may receive a story or piece of artwork that illustrates your answer. Ellen will be hosting a chat at 2PM Monday to trouble-shoot any coding problems and answer any membership questions you may have.

Sorry! No new prompts now - the Muse Fusion is closed!

Currently sorted by newest anonymous
The softest yarn is spoken - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald
The wee birdie told me... - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald
Bears are always in the patch! - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald
Berry Thief - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald

Comment from Lorna (Comtessa): Snagging for story with Ellen's deep snowbank

Reply from Ellen Mllion: Squee!!

Fringe - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Grandma knows best - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Torn World politics - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
A newly-discovered plant or animal - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
A strange sound - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Fantastic Jewelry - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Fang deer follies - prompted by: Ellen Mllion
Climbing with some or great difficulty into a saddle - prompted by: Kir Talmage (metasilk)
Hunting song (northern) - prompted by: Kir Talmage (metasilk)
Rail song - prompted by: Kir Talmage (metasilk)
More on Northern Brewing! - prompted by: Amelia Margetts
Duurludirj Astronomy and Wayfinding - prompted by: Amelia Margetts
I want to do a quick character portrait - who should I do?? - prompted by: Ellen Mllion

Comment from mikka: Orrali?

Reply from Ellen Mllion: Olarali, I presume? Here is a sketch of Olarali working on one of her journals. I suspect that the journals of 'fashion notes' that Bai found in one of the Rails stories was actually a private code of her own making, and that her journals actually have a lot of great dirt, if you know how to read them... (All subject to approval by Lorna, of course...)

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: She looks like she is pondering what juicy detail to put in next.

Comment from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Osatha?

Reply from Ellen Mllion: You should make her a character sheet so I have something to work from! ;P

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Iri and Jramela are listed, but without portraits. I'm working on Gliya and Fleigil's character sheets today. Osatha isn't in my current WIP, but I'll see what I can do later.

Reply from Ellen Mllion: Possibly Iri? There's not much about her yet, so I just sketched randomly. It could be someone else, if it doesn't work for her.

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Iri is tall, as I remember. This could be Iri, I suppose.

Comment from mikka: I actually meant Orrali, Oranaan next-younger sibling who didn't know he existed, from http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=609, which I read recently. She doesn't have a character sheet yet. But I'm sure Olarali will never turn down a portrait. :)

Reply from Lorna (Comtessa): Olarali never turns down a portrait! She so sassy!

Comment from Jenny Heidewald: An attempt at Tetefii. Though I probably should have made her eyes a bit bigger. I think that Alainya, Tetefii's daughter, must take after her father in face shape, since I drew hers more rounded.

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Yay!

Suddenly Summer - prompted by: Ellen Mllion
A northern dentist. Someone with some healer training who pulls teeth and attends to dental infections and such. - prompted by: Ellen Mllion
Searching the shops for just the right _____? - prompted by: Ellen Mllion

Comment from Lorna (Comtessa): Snagging for an Olarali story

Throwing someone into a deep snowbank. - prompted by: Ellen Mllion

Comment from Lorna (Comtessa): Lol. I have an idea for this. I totes owe you.

Reply from Ellen Mllion: Woo! Can't wait to see it!

Pollen - the (disliked) fashion color, or the allergen! - prompted by: Ellen Mllion
Dreamwalking - prompted by: Ellen Mllion

Comment from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Do we have a torn world reference for this term?

Reply from Ellen Mllion: Nope! Not yet!

Comment from Lorna (Comtessa): I have an idea. Will sketch.

Reply from Lorna (Comtessa): It's not walking, but inspired. The thought is, there is a sturdy frame strung with very fine thread or gut, and onto it people can knot scenes from dreams, or perhaps knot them as they are telling a story, and at the end it reveals the scene. Also, it would be a helpful tool to aid younger children in being involved with weaving, and aiding in their dexterity.

Reply from Ellen Mllion: Oh, how incredibly cool!!

Silk scraps quilt - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)

Comment from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: This made me think of Fleigil and Gliya, the homeless kids that Osatha fed before meeting the pregnant young purist. Maybe one of them is making a quilt?

I only have a tiny snippet written so far, but , I at least wanted you to know you've got me thinking. I think this will be a love story, complicated by...well, that will be in the story.

Poor kids!

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: Have a teaser! (Rough draft, of course):

The monitor, a huge dark man with Mayaloi-shiny black hair, checked Fleigil’s begging license and his personal license to make sure they matched. Gliya looked down, trying to look shy, not nervous. Fleigil’s personal license was very good, but it had been bought off the black market, as had Gliya’s. It had passed muster to get him the begging license, however, so the chance of the monitor noticing anything wrong was slight at best.

Still, Gliya couldn’t help fingering the imperfectly embroidered butterflies on her own license pouch for luck.

The monitor then turned to Gliya, demanding her begging license.

“She doesn’t beg, sir.” Fleigil said very politely, watching as citizens hurried by, carefully not looking at the interaction. Why did the monitor have to come by at quitting time? Fleigil recognized some of their regulars, and mentally added up the tokens and coins they were losing.

“She’s out here with you.” The monitor looked at them suspiciously.

“Yes sir. Lissa’s my sister. Since our parents died, I’m the only family she’s got. I have to keep an eye on her.”

“Don’t you think she’d be better off in the orphanage?”

Reply from Lorna (Comtessa): I like it, Deirdre!

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: I'm glad, Comtessa!

Blending Perfume - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Buried Treasure - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Decorative beads of the South - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
How to create the perfect dinner - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
But it sparkles! - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Hanging Flowers - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)

Comment from Ellen Mllion: I have a sketch for this done and will ipload as soon as I get to my computer!

Comment from Ellen Mllion: "Iploading" now. :P This is about 4x4 inches, and what I imagine many of the courtyard gates in Empire cities look like. Original is available for $10.

Reply from mikka: Is that wisteria? Doom!

Reply from Lorna (Comtessa): This is so beautiful!

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: Very pretty! I've seen some in person once, and they are gorgeous.

A beginning - prompted by: Peggy B.
Strange lights - prompted by: Peggy B.

Comment from Ellen Mllion: This would definitely qualify as 'strange' if you aren't from the Empire...

Comment from Ellen Mllion: Image rotation tools on the to-do list. Try this!

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: It has a globe around it, and the lit components are the yellow bits? Oh, like a Coleman lantern? Nice design.

A railway strike in the South interrupts supplies. - prompted by: Elizabeth Barrette

Comment from Ellen Mllion: I'm not at all sure what they are striking - I was happy to have an excuse to try to draw one of the fancy train prows I've been envisioning. Sponsor to a finished, detailed ink piece (6x9) for $50. (Recieve the original and a high-res version to print and color)

Reply from Ellen Mllion: Click through to see it in the right orientation... I'm not sure why the thumb is rotated!

Reply from mikka: Ooooh! I hope someone(s) had fun designing and making that figurehead. Is there a story this belongs to?

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: I thought they were getting robbed, probably because I didn't look at the closer picture. I figured the horses had highwaymen on them, doing a strike on a train carrying gold.:) I like the movement you have in the horse design. Trains are hard to draw!

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: I thought they were getting robbed, probably because I didn't look at the closer picture. I figured the horses had highwaymen on them, doing a strike on a train carrying gold.:) I like the movement you have in the horse design. Trains are hard to draw!

An unusually warm and early spring causes problems in the North. - prompted by: Elizabeth Barrette
Trying to establish a new breed of domestic animal. - prompted by: Elizabeth Barrette
Making an apology - prompted by: Layla Lawlor
A very unusual catch in the nets - prompted by: Layla Lawlor

Comment from Ellen Mllion: Haha, I'm not sure if I'll finish this one or not, but I sure had fun with it.

Reply from Layla Lawlor: Ahaha! This is such an expressive sketch. :D

a child's song - prompted by: Kir Talmage (metasilk)

Comment from Ellen Mllion: WELL, that escalated quickly. I sat down to do a child's song, and it somehow turned into a revolution song against the Empire. As things do, you know. Here is the first verse:

Give the Empire your tokens
Give the Empire your time
Give the Empire your blood
Anything else is a crime!

I'll send you the remainder privately - it will be available to sponsor for $5.

Reply from Kir Talmage (metasilk): Heh. In a hundred years or more, it'll be a jump-rope rhyme and people will argue about the history / origin of it.

Colors To Dye For - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald
Knitting: color work, fair isle ish - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald
Scared of Snowies - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald
On the Hunt - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald
The first fruits of Winter. - prompted by: Deborah J. Brannon
Knitting Traditions - prompted by: Jenny Heidewald

Comment from Jenny Heidewald: Square hat, with Fair Isle type color work between cable panels, or possibly duplicate stitch. Up turned brim, some sort of I-cord along the top and along the brim edge, tassel tipped .

Reply from Ellen Mllion: This is so charming! I eyeballed some of the fair isle patterns after you prompted them and totally chickened out trying to draw them. :P

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: Thanks! I have a book with some patterns for ideas, I have a hard time designing little graphic patterns so this is pretty simple. :)

Comment from Jenny Heidewald: large shawl idea. Lacy, yarn overs or nupps, or both, with large leaves as the main attraction.

Reply from Ellen Mllion: This is gorgeous!!

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: Thanks Ellen! I think nupps as berries would be a big design thing, all those natural elements...maybe a repeating bear motif...

Comment from Jenny Heidewald: Badly outlined charted idea for a circular shawl/ sweater yoke color work. A leaf, a snowy, and snow flakes. To get a smooth outline of the snowy, the maker would have to use embroidery after an initial block of intarsia that would form the main shape and color.

I imagine that organic forms and shapes in the knitting of the Northern people would be most popular, what with all the berry picking folks do. And running from bears.

Doll clothes - prompted by: Ellen Mllion
The first precious metal (North) - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Sharing is hard - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
A single drum - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon

Comment from Ellen Mllion: I'm going to sit down with a story idea for this...

Comment from Ellen Mllion: I only got a few lines down last night, but have a solid idea. Hopefully at Guppy's naptime today, I can actually bang it out! *fingers crossed*

Comment from Ellen Mllion: I'm about 700 words into a story about Birka's early struggles with motherhood. I suspect it will be about 2000 words at the end. I don't have a title for it yet, but will continue to try adding words until week's end! Here's a peek:

A single drum was being played by an enthusiastic toddler, cutting across the childish laughter and shrieks and chatter that filled the infant house. Even in the quiet bunk where Birka was sitting behind a half-drawn curtain, the sound was an unwelcome thread in an already discordant song.

Thump THUMP thudthudthud.

The erratic pulse made Birka grit her teeth and hunch her shoulders, which didn't help her efforts at nursing whatsoever. Bremuun, no better at suckling than Birka was at her fumbling end, lost his latch and gave a tiny howl of outrage. His little red face wrinkled and twisted, and Birka looked helplessly down at him.

A music fetstival, with acrobats/dancers/clowns/food/etc. - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Washday is boring! (but not this one) - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Dancing with danger - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Very rare tipcards - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Butterflies at the Solstice - prompted by: Deborah J. Brannon

Comment from Ellen Mllion: I've got a rough sketch for this one completed! Unfortunately, I forgot my phone when I left the house this morning, so I'll have to post a preview later!

Comment from Ellen Mllion: Affamarg is far enough north that solstice matters quite a lot. During summer solstice, I imagine them having a ceremony that includes the release of butterflies! I will be finishing this as a coloring page, and it is available for sponsorship for $100.

Reply from Deborah J. Brannon: Oh, I love it! And this will be a FANTASTIC coloring page!

Reply from Layla Lawlor: Oh, what a LOVELY idea! That sketch looks fantastic!

Reply from Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon: This makes me want to do a poem, but it's not gelling yet. Maybe after a bit of sleep!

Reply from Jenny Heidewald: Birds know it as "Feast Day!' :) Cool perspective.

Time crystal jewellery - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Using ice in unusual or special ways - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Snow unicorn jewellery (and how it is worn if unusual) - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Sea Monster Sweets - prompted by: Ellen Mllion
This picture of a woman bringing gifts - prompted by: Ellen Mllion
Hard work pays off! - prompted by: Ellen Mllion

Comment from Ellen Mllion: TEsting

Reply from Ellen Mllion: sjklfdsj kl

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