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Welcome to Torn World Muse Fusion #52!

During our event, which runs Feb 10-16, you may leave prompts for the writers and artists of Torn World. Prompts may be general or specific, or links to inpirational material. They should be applicable to the Torn World setting (guns and magic do not exist here!). You are also invited to ask questions as prompts. You may receive a direct answer... or you may receive a story or piece of artwork that illustrates your answer.
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Currently sorted by newest anonymous
Courtship rituals - prompted by: Layla Lawlor
Little helper - prompted by: PeggyB

Comment from Ellen Million: I feel so rusty at sketching! I loved this prompt.

Comment from Ellen Million: I feel so rusty at sketching! I loved this prompt.

Solstice - prompted by: PeggyB
Night of Lights - prompted by: PeggyB
Too much to do an no one to delegate to! - prompted by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
Warsailors telling stories of the one that got away. - prompted by: Layla Lawlor
An impressive slight-of-hand trick. - prompted by: Sofia Lindstrom
A picture of a woman knitting the aurora into a scarf, from a legend. - prompted by: Elizabeth Barrette

Comment from Ellen Million: I LOVED this prompt. I want to do this again on dark paper.

Creative ways to keep the fat-eating bats from biting people or snowies. - prompted by: Elizabeth Barrette
Bead-hunting quests in the recently opened territory south of the Northern shard. - prompted by: Elizabeth Barrette
Trying different ways to make jackets for the wild snowies -- knitting, felting, furs, etc. - prompted by: Elizabeth Barrette
Integrating the wild snow-unicorns into the herds. - prompted by: Elizabeth Barrette
The bird's revenge - prompted by: Ellen Million
Written in jewels - prompted by: Ellen Million
Written in the cards - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)

Comment from Elva Birch: I am on this prompt like hot on chocolate...

Comment from Elva Birch: A quick write-up for a series I plan on starting... :)

If you want a good lay, you hire from the Carnal Guild, and trade your Imperials for a few moments of pleasure with no strings and no complications.

But if you want a forever thing, something precious and real in a jaded Empire full of lies and bribes and corrupt Monitors and late cablecars, you go to a Fatemaker.

Some scientists still scoff at the Fatemakers, calling them charlatans and frauds, saying their methods are no better than Purist ritual. But good scientists know that you judge a theory by the data collected, and the marriage licenses that have resulted directly from these institutions are proof of concept.

Licensed Fatemakers are now available in cities throughout the Empire for anyone with a few Imperials and a citizen license. The Fatemaker machines themselves are a closely guarded secret, and every Fatemaker is highly trained by the creator of the system, Tilanii.

There has been talk about the Fatemakers forming a solo guild, but for now, they are operating under the Service Guild.

Reply from Lorna (Comtessa): Love it! I’d go to one!!

Reply from Lorna (Comtessa): Love it! I’d go to one!!

Perfect tailoring - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
The use of chalk - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Deaf in the south - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Signed up and scared - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Olarali’s wish - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Stories for the old - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Sounds for the blind - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Crossing the river - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)

Comment from Ellen Million: Playing with new art supplies...

Reply from Layla Lawlor: Oh, that's really neat!

The weaving song - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Knitting hair - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Broken beads - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
The last knot - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
It’s drying day! - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Fight against the cliff - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
A special card - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Favourite flower - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
She never forgets - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Fried dough fun - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
Sky cats and snow - prompted by: Lorna (Comtessa)
A conflict of interest - prompted by: Ellen Million
Someone who's never seen winter - prompted by: Ellen Million
A romantic proposal - prompted by: Ellen Million
Something sweet - prompted by: Ellen Million
An unusual profession - prompted by: Ellen Million

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