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Tifanaro - Location
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer)
A bit article about a busy coastal city in the northwest of the Empire.

Tifanaro is a modest, bustling city that is the primary port for much of the northwest corner of the Empire. It is south of the sea ice in winter, and so is open year-round. The land was originally purchased from the indigenous Slunai culture; they were not interested in sea travel, and had no use for the excellent natural port it offered.

Locations of note include the port district, which is busy and modern, with safe mooring for a large fleet of ships, protected by an armored seawall. There is also a major ship-building facility and a host of bars and entertainment guild buildings. Local theatre thrives. There are more monitor stations than usual in a city of this density, and they are particularly skilled in dispersing brawls and minor domestic disturbances. There is also a large military outpost in the area.

A large hexball tournament is held locally mid-winter, and bars and restaurants vie to host the major events associated with this.

Although the city has some reputation as a 'party' city, it also has a large campus focusing on northern studies, marine biology and is the location of the Slunai cultural museum. It is also home to the largest time crystal warehouse in the world, used to facilitate their shipping industry and store perishables for favorable shipping conditions.

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