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Mruuna - Culture
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer)
An assimilated culture, primitive in technology.

The Mruuna people tend to be large people, big-boned and strong, ranging between blondes and brunettes, with skin in the lightly tanned range. Brown is the most common eye color, with variations in green and hazel, and some shading towards a yellow-ish amber color. They do not tend to rise to the top of science classes, but do excel in hands-on crafts such as pottery and carpentry, lending to a general impression of barbarism to the science-heavy Empire civilization. Music and art do not play a strong role in their culture. To an outsider, the Mruuna appear unquenchably cheerful, given to rowdy laughter and inclusive jokes. Hospitality is a mark of honor.

The Mruuna shard was a rich farm and forest area that achieved relatively great technology and peace early in its long history, then crumbled into war and poverty when the boundary with the crystal desert collapsed following an earthquake and volcanic event. The dangerous and volatile time crystal dust that was stirred up in the winds and scattered north destroyed much of their original crop lands and infrastructure, and led to a great deal of superstitious fear. Religious factions battled for dominance, preying on the events and terror to grab control of the population.

A dark age treated science and technology with mistrust, and the cities that had been built crumbled to neglect and were abandoned in favor of smaller, independent communities led by fanatical religious zealots. Lost agricultural technology and changing climate conditions made growing crops harder, and forest hunters took a greater role in the politics of the communities. A century or so later, the religious factions had lost some of their power, replaced by the dominance of the patriarchal hunters.

When the Empire gained access to the shard in 1415, they were met by stubborn but primitive resistance. Their offers of plentiful food and technology were met with a mixture of desire and fear, and, after a few minor skirmishes, the Mruuna entered a long-term treaty that allowed their patriarchal societal structure to be respected locally. Some of these treaty points were later overturned during the gender revolution. A few Purist communities still exist on the outskirts of the Mruuna shard, and some have even spread up the Northern Rim. These communities tend to be small, patriarchal, valuing strength and athleticism above science and arts.

Recent anomaly events at the top of the rim have begun to stir unrest and rekindle several of the older religions that were practiced, particularly those than warn of sin and stipulate strict gender roles and denial of sin and science, even among assimilated Empire Citizens.

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