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Sea Monsters in Southern Waters - Fauna
Written By: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), Ellen Million (Editor)
Sea monsters in southerly waters.

This area lies at the fringes of the map, part of Torn World that is little known to the Empire. The visible part of the southern continent in time shard #69 shelves off into warm tropical water at the northern edge and heads across the equator and towards temperate waters off the map to the south. Another time shard, #68, holds part of the coast and some tiny islands just east of the southern continent. The western part of the southern continent overlaps the western ocean; the eastern part overlaps the central gulf.

There is very little human activity in this area. Sea monster populations tend to be low and not very diverse; additional species may have died off. However, this region is notable for its contrast: while northern hemisphere species tend to have gradual shading from a dark top to a pale belly, southern hemisphere species tend to be bi-colored, with a crisp division. This is also the home of the only currently known "sea monster" that doesn't cause problems for humans: the paddlefish.

Before Upheaval: Extant species included paddlefish, snagtooth, southeastern trapjaw, and western thunder-whale. Extra species of blimpfish, trapjaw, and thunder-whale may have been present.

Sundered Times: Separation cut off migration routes, killing obligate migrants; various species died out due to this and/or to low population. Shard # 69 had the paddlefish, snagtooth, and western thunder-whale, and developed the giant sea turtle. Shard #68 developed the southern trapjaw.

Modern Times: When the time barriers collapsed, numerous new species arrived, making these waters more dangerous than they had been. This has discouraged the paddlefish from spreading far; it has gone west, but only slightly north or east. Shard #69 gained deathfin, interior weed-eater, pink jellyrigger, southern blimpfish, southern soldierfish, and western dreamskate from the north; and the red harpoon snail and southern trapjaw from the east. Shard #68 gained the deathfin, giant sea turtle, interior weed-eater, paddlefish, snagtooth, and western dreamskate from the west; the southern blimpfish from the north; and the central dreamskate, pink jellyrigger, and red harpoon snail from the east. The western sea serpent has not yet arrived, as it does not willingly cross old time boundaries; but it could be blown in by a storm at any time.

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