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Northern Games - Culture
Written By: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer), Ellen Million (Editor)
A look at some of the games played by the northerners.

Games bring people closer together and keep them entertained. Many of the northern games draw their inspiration from Native American games, as some of those cultures occupied a similar habitat and level of technology. Other tribal cultures, and even some modern ones, contributed as well. Distinctive aspects of Torn World, such as snow-unicorns and Others, add local color to the games described below. Note that it is common for a game to exist in multiple variations within a culture, or across different cultures. Northerners particularly like it when one game piece or set of pieces can be used for several versions of play, as this maximizes the entertainment to be gained from limited resources.

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Art and Entertainment in the North: Games and crafts of the snow-unicorn riders.

Northern Game: Bola-Ball: Bola-ball is a Northern game played with sticks and a three-part ball; it involves a lot of running around and roughhousing.

Northern Game: Falling Stars: Falling stars is a game similar to marbles, played with small spheres.

Northern Game: Flipdisk: Flipdisk is a northern game of chance and skill, which involves tossing several game pieces in a basket.

Northern Game: Ice-Gliders: The northern game of ice-gliders involves throwing a large game piece across ice or snow, often aiming at a target to score points.

Northern Game: Rams and Ewes: Rams and ewes is a competition based on stringing hazelnuts onto cords and trying to smash the other player's hazelnut.

Northern Game: Spinning Webs: Spinning webs involves making fun shapes with a loop of yarn.

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