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Animals of the Empire - Fauna

See also, Animals of the North.

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Blinkbirds: Blinkbirds are large, colorful, beautiful, and mysterious pests that tend to live near the old shard boundaries. They are named for their tendency to blink in and out of sight, and are famous for stealing bright-colored items.

Common Hole Mouse: A common household pest sometimes domesticated by children.

Domestic Animals of the Empire:

Dorruuyirv: Field journal notes on a northern sea-going mammalian predator

Empire: A description of the bureaucratic Empire, which has assimilated a large number of different cultures during its history.

Fang Deer: A miniature deer found wild in the southeastern spur of the Empire.

Flower Owls: There are a variety of species of flower owls in Torn World. Best known are the small bright ones in the Rainbow Rainforest.

Grapejelly: The grapejelly is a tiny edible sea jelly, distantly related to the much larger jellyriggers.

Half-Leg: A variety of centipede ranging from several inches to several feet, with sensitivity to time distortions.

Kathork: The Kathork is a bird that lives in a semi-arid region of the south.

Meffirb Butterfly: A primary pollinator of the Meffirb tree.

Nuttery Grub: The nuttery grub is an invasive caterpillar that infests acorns. It is a tasty, high-protein food.

Rose Butterfly: Describes a colorful butterfly with five to seven pairs of wings on each side

Sandpig: Sandpigs (and a little about their related cousins)

Sea Monsters; An Introduction: An overview of the sea monsters of Torn World.

Spine Lizard: Spine Lizards are crocodile-like reptiles that can change their skin-color.

Wingback Marsh Deer (and Swamp Doves): Describes the symbiotic relationship between the Wing-Back Marsh Deer and the Swamp Doves which nest in their fur

(There is no artwork associated with this article)

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Rose Butterfly
Nuttery Grub
Wingback Marsh Deer (and Swamp Doves)

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