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City of Lights - Location
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer)
An abandoned city site.

The Empire planned to build a city, nicknamed 'The City of Lights,' on The Rim, at about the center of its span, and began construction in 1510. The rail system was extended to reach it, and bring in heavy building supplies.

The name comes from the plan to light it extensively with permanent time-crystal lights, at incredible expense.

Much of the wealth of this city is based on the nearby time crystal mines. There are also nearby mines and large forests being harvested for timber.

Plans were drafted, the site was cleared, and the initial buildings were well into construction when an unknown cause destroyed part of a building. Since then, with increasing regularity, buildings have collapsed, people have died, and some survivors of the strange attacks have been rendered violently mad. Superstition and fear overcame reason, and many citizens fled the city rather than continue to work in such an unsafe place, some of them even abandoning their citizenship to do so. Labor shortages became problematic. In the fall of 1520, after failing to identify the cause of the attacks, the citysite was officially abandoned. It is slated for salvage in the summer of 1521.

Stories of the destruction have fueled a certain level of panic and superstition within the Empire, fanned in part by revolutionary propaganda.

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