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Flower Owls - Fauna
Written By: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Non-Member Author(s)
There are a variety of species of flower owls in Torn World. Best known are the small bright ones in the Rainbow Rainforest.

The best-known flower owls are in the Rainbow Rainforest. These are small owls with bright green feathers except around the head, shoulders, and eyes. In those areas, they have frilly feathers in shades of bright red, orange, yellow, white, lavender, or pink clumped in circles, with either the eyes or dark down in the center. These are referred to as “flower tufts” or individually as “petal feathers” They also have a number of extra-long down feathers that grow in untidy-looking tufts on the body and wings. When they sit still, they strongly resemble a flowering plant. In the Rainbow Rainforest, these owls can be found sitting on the ground, on rocks, and in trees that are flowering or are hosting flowering vines. There are four or five species in the Rainbow Rainforest, ranging from a tiny owl just a finger’s length tall to a variety the size of a human’s forearm.

Great flower owls feature in the stories of the Rainbow Rainforest, but none survived there into modern days. (They do survive in The Waterfalls, though only Rraneffa’s people know that at the present time.) Great flower owls have only occasional extra-long down tufts in their dark green or brownish green body and wing feathers, and the head and shoulder flower tufts are typically darker, ranging from purple to red or blue. They also have a smaller flower tuft at each knee. The knee tufts are greener and not as open, resembling flower buds.

There is also a species of flower owls in the shard where the Moon Mother Worshipers live. The Empire classes them as pale flower owls, since their foliage is a greenish tan or greenish grey and the flower tufts are white, pale yellow, or pale pink. The Moon Mother Worshipers, however, call them mushroom owls, as they resemble a colony of the edible mushrooms that grow on dead trees and dead or dying branches in their original shard. Since this species of owl nests in trees that have hollows and often have associated dead branches still attached, mushroom hunting in this area requires a type of care not normally associated with that pursuit.

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