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Books: Future Fiction - Culture
Written By: Ellen Million (Writer)
The equivalent of science fiction in the Empire.

"Science fiction," in Torn World can refer to a broad scope of fiction, but is usually applied to modern romantic fiction that features scientist protagonists. Their forward-looking speculative fiction is therefore called "future fiction." It isn't terribly well respected, but can be quite popular. Scientists often indulge in heated discussion about the likelihood of the future technology depicted. Most books in this category are standalones, or possibly spread over a few volumes; there are few open-ended serials.

Recently, anomalies have been a topic of fictional interest, and some authors have portrayed dismal dystopian futures where people are on the run from this invisible menace. A variety of explanations for them have been proposed.

Title: Sapphire Sun
Author: Scientist Fora
Publication Date: 1503 - present
Publisher: Haze Leaves
Description: This adventure future fiction series bucks the tradition and is an on-going series, based on a bleak future where anomalies drove humankind to living in underground cities. The heroine is a plucky member of the Wayfaring Guild, and she takes expeditions to the surface to scavenge for goods in the ruins of the Empire. The air has been choked with a blue haze, and the anomalies have proved to be a race of cloud-dwelling monsters with powers of invisibility who are shaping the earth to be more palatable to their own needs. The heroine's sidekick is a clever Scientist who devises her breathing apparatus and weapons, and they have a long-standing will-they-won't-they romantic relationship complicated by the heroine's unwillingness to commit. The first several volumes portrayed the anomalies in ways that proved inaccurate after the City of Lights was built and the problems became more scientifically documented. Further volumes were altered to be more accurate, and a second edition of the first few volumes was released with notable changes in continuity. Fans often argue over which volumes are the 'real' canon, and some of the changes not related to anomalies are hotly criticized. Recent releases have been criticized for having too much romance, not enough adventure, and there is speculation that the series is going to be discontinued soon.

Title: The Second Upheaval
Author: Science Leader Drag
Publication Date: 1427
Publisher: TBD
Description: A classic future fiction book, this was written before time crystals had become commonplace, and it predicted a very different utopian future with steam power providing everyone an egalitarian lifestyle of luxury, overseen by a benevolent Empire threatened by a second Upheaval. This Upheaval is proved to the work of restless Purist revolutionaries using fanciful underground machines, and a clever team of Scientists (all Very Noble men) thwarts them at the last moment. Very thinly veiled propaganda, this reads as very dated but historically important fluff. It has been republished numerous times and is required reading in second form.

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