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Torn World Ratings - Member Resources
An explanation of the Torn World rating system.

You may notice flags on some pieces of art or fiction. They indicate the rating and content of the material, so you can steer your Torn World experience towards the kind of work you're most interested in enjoying.

The ratings determine who can see pieces.

MC (Mild Content): No sex, foul language, or violence. Topics may still include loss, non-sexual romance and minor injury. These pieces are available to the public.

GC (General Content): Some controversial issues as a focus, rough action, and/or coarse language occur. Sex and violence may happen or be referred specifically to, but are not graphic or in full view, and not as the primary topic of the story. These pieces are also available to the public, but are marked so that people who wish to avoid such topics may do so.

SC (Spicy Content): Some sexual situations, but leaning toward romance rather than erotica; more is implied than portrayed. And/or some violence and rough activity, injuries that are described, but not graphically. Frank language may be used. In art, bodies are not 'in the act', but there may be nudity and implied circumstances, or lots of blood. These pieces may be viewed publicly by clicking on an extra warning link.

AC (Adult Content): Explicit sexual activity is portrayed in detail or graphic violence occurs on-screen. Expect frank language in fiction and un-obscured copulation or violent action in art. These pieces are filtered from public view and only available to registered users over 18.

In addition, there will be flags for certain kinds of content. These flags are independent of the rating, and there can be more than one in any given piece:

* T (Trigger): Descriptions of events such as rape, torture and abuse that may trigger flashbacks. Casual reference to such events does not warrant this flag.

* V (Violence): Significant injuries happen "onstage," possibly with graphic portrayals, accidental or inflicted. Character death may occur in full view.

* S (Sex): Graphic sexual references and encounters, on-screen or referred to in detail. Frank language.

* L (Language): Strong swearing (in English), verbal abuse, strong slurs, explicit names of body parts and functions.

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