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Plants of the Empire - Flora
Links to all the plants of the Empire.

(There is no artwork associated with this article)

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  • Bitter Herbs (Poem)
  • Rhubarb Song (Poem)
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    Border Chicory: Border Chicory, aka "Tornflower," "Tornbalm," or "Travelerís Warning"

    Bread Tree: Bread trees are rainforest canopy trees with an edible, starchy core.

    Empire: A description of the bureaucratic Empire, which has assimilated a large number of different cultures during its history.

    Firebell: A common marsh plant that also appears in some ditches, canals, and along the banks of slow-moving rivers.

    Hazeleaf: Hazeleaf is a recreational and medicinal drug.

    Lantern Tree: Lantern Tree is a beautiful tropical and subtropical tree.

    Meffirb Tree: The meffirb tree is central to the local ecology, and many creatures are dependent on it.

    Moon Blossom: The Moon Blossom is a showy plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors, and which is used in making a popular contraceptive tea.

    Queen Flower: A tropical flowering plant with leaves that are a pain killer and antibiotic.

    Seaweed: Nerveleaf: Nerveleaf is a common seaweed, growing in most temperate waters at shallow to medium depths.

    Seaweed: Surfstub: Surfstub is a flat, branching seaweed that clings to rocks in tidal areas.

    Soapstem: A plant often used as a soap substitute in the Riilass area

    Star Cactus: Star Cactus, aka "Madpot"

    Starflower: A tropical vine with night-blooming flowers and heart-shaped leaves, this plant has different varieties in different areas.

    Sunweed: A common wetlands flower.

    Sweet Reed: Sweet Reed is a marsh plant with tall bamboo-like stalks that sometimes produce sugar.

    (There is no artwork associated with this article)

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    Bitter Herbs
    Rhubarb Song

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