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Yoilosh - Culture
Written By: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer)
A historical figure who was involved in the gender reforms.

Name: Yoilosh

Origin: Glifai

Location: Affabreidalam

Timeframe: 1438-1471. Died in a riot at age 33.

Description: Yoilosh displayed characteristic Glifai traits: straight blond hair, honey brown eyes, and 5'10" height. Hair was dyed different brilliant colors over time, outrageously styled. Yoilosh had an androgynous appearance, with a slender figure and beardless face. Underneath the robes were small breasts and a tiny penis above a functional vagina. Yoilosh preferred the neuter pronoun "it" and was registered as "no gender."

Born in Affabreidalam, Yoilosh did not develop sexual characteristics until late teens; the result was a confusing jumble. It managed to cope well enough to become a renowned lover. There remain many rumors that "he" sired a number of children, and a few that "she" bore a child -- but no child license was filed, nor have any rumors been proven (or disproven). Surviving family members have been remarkably close-mouthed on this topic.

Famous For: Yoilosh was a gender revolutionary, unhappy about the Empire's efforts to divide the sexes, oppress non-male citizens, and make a hassle over gender identity. It began agitating against the Empire during its teens, when the emergence of sexual characteristics created some social awkwardness. (Which bathroom to use? How to deal with clunk-headed officials?) This eventually got it kicked out of school.

After the Assimilation, Yoilosh worked for gender reforms. It traveled widely in search of support, legally and illegally; often it hid out with traveling circus shows, performers, traders, or other legitimate caravans. Theatrical exposure helped Yoilosh learn the art of disguise. It visited Affanumuur and Tifireruuth; those cities grew interested in the reform movement. Affanumuur (Shameless City) liked the idea of less restrictive morals. Tifireruuth was simply open-minded in general, sometimes a bit too much. Yoilosh made many friends and enemies in both cities.

In 1463 the first riot occurred around a public bath house in Faajaffug. Yoilosh was not present at the time, but traveled there clandestinely and helped gather funds and legal aid to extricate the protesters from prison. Subsequent altercations that did include Yoilosh included the mob takeover of the Titisass "gentleman's club" in Affanumuur, and the First Day Fire in the Artathar Theatre (allegedly set by a monitor who disapproved of the Stark Dance). The Empire's distaste for violence led to a great deal of noise, some property damage and disruption of business, with shoving and tussling -- but rarely any injuries.

Yoilosh also participated in more genteel rallies and lectures at universities, in disguise or openly. It is said that Yoilosh was captured over a dozen times, but never actually jailed; its ability to elude the authorities is legendary. Several times someone was jailed on suspicion of being Yoilosh, but always turned out to be a mistaken identity. These activities occupied much of the later 1460s.

In 1470, the battle came to a head. The reform movement had gained enough support and allies high in the government to force a vote. Yoilosh impersonated (at different times) a male Scientist and a female Dancer, speaking eloquently of the need to free human beings from sexual oppression. Rumors abound that Yoilosh also impersonated a Courtesan of the highest class, using the arts of seduction to convince various (male, female, and other) politicians to support the cause. Some of these rumors have been partially substantiated, with politicians known to have been accompanied by an unidentifiable companion who may or may not have been Yoilosh.

Gender reform officially passed in 1471. It caused violent backlash as reactionaries tried to deny the nongendered and women their new rights. Yoilosh was protecting a young girl and her nongendered sibling when the bricks started flying. When the riot ended, casualties overflowed the local hospital -- and valiant Yoilosh was dead, skull split by a brick. The reactionaries were so ashamed of their behavior that many of their leaders turned themselves in to the monitors, and the violent branch of the backlash collapsed.

Yoilosh remains a part of popular culture -- "to be as lucky as Yoilosh" means to have a conspicuous mix of bad and good luck, always getting into and out of trouble; but in Affabreidalam it can also mean achieving one's goal at a terribly high price, or triumphing despite personal loss or defeat. There is a statue of Yoilosh in Affabreidalam, fully robed and concealed. The one in Tifireruuth is nude (and not altogether accurate) in a Stark Dance pose, and it is customary for Affabreidalam visitors to throw a cloth over it.

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