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Tifinal - Location
Written By: Valerie Joanne Higgins (Writer), Valerie Joanne Higgins (Artwork)
A small town on the river Nal, which has started to grow since the railroad reached it.

Tifinal (settlement #74 on map)

Tifinal is a town of 15000 people, though since the completion of the railway from Faarar to Affabreidalam, what was a sleepy little town has started to grow and prosper.

Tifinal is a long narrow town spread along the banks of the river Nal. The major buildings are along the river bank with the smaller shops and dwellings in between the grand buildings and the rise of the hills. Tifinal is backed by unstable sandy hills that the railway turns to avoid. Cutting wood for fuel has further destabilized these hills and the town has defensive walls to prevent the incursion of sand and earth.

Tifinal's major industry is the production of fine glassware. Sand is in plentiful supply and since the building of the railway, fuel is imported and glass exported more easily. Tifinal also exports several varieties of scented herbs, mainly to Affabreidalam where they are used to flavour a variety of alcoholic drinks and in the making of ointments and antiseptic creams.

The leading guild is the glassmaking guild. Politically, they are followed closely by the civil engineering guild, not the richest guild, but one always noisily campaigning for funds to repair sand defenses and for irrigation works.

Tifinal's climate is as hot as Faarar but being further inland it is very much drier and less humid in the summers, though mild winter winds can bring heavy rain. The illustration shows Tifinal from the Faarar side of the railway bridge after a long hot summer. In winter, the landscape would be much greener.

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