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Kladeith - Culture
Written By: Valerie Joanne Higgins (Writer)
A historical figure remembered and honoured by the snow-unicorn riders.

Kladeith was the Northerners' first post-upheaval historian. As groups of survivors found each other, she made it her business to interview them about what their parents and grandparents had told them of the Upheaval and to make copies of surviving books and journals. (Much knowledge was lost as they had no means of pre-upheaval data retrieval.)

Kladeith's record of interviews with each group of survivors became the initial set of records on which Northern genealogy was founded.

Kladeith was determined that her people preserve as much of their knowledge as possible, both for their day to day comfort and survival, and to pass theoretical knowledge forward to future generations. She started teaching the children being cared for in the village hunting creche.

Frustrated by the shortage of writing materials for teaching, Kladeith used anything available; she taught children to write using berry juice on bread, charcoal on treebark, sticks in snow or sand. Kladeith also created a series of stories and chants containing important lessons which she trained the children to know by rote. She persuaded and bullied anyone who had knowledge of any craft or skill to spend some time teaching.

Over Kladeith's lifetime the hunting creche became the children's house. She put together a curriculum and set of age tests, and by persuasion and force of personality got them adopted by the other survivors.

Kladeith is much honoured by Northerners, especially by the formal storytellers (fur-shirts).

The phrase 'This Kladeith knew' is often used to denote information passed on from ancient writing, which she felt was important to pass on even when her students did not fully understand the things they memorized.

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