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The Sugar Mouse   Poem  
Creators: Elizabeth Barrette (Writer)
A surreal poem leads to the advent of a new confection.
Posted: 04/20/11      [No comments yet] ~ 82 words.

I tell you,
my friends, my enemies,
the world has run mad.

The license is made of frass.
The formal coat is made of tissue.
The reeds have beaten down the wind.

Everything is chaos --
earring, fertilizer, taxation!
desire, hollow, consent!

Look: here is a sugar mouse
being eaten by children.
Here is a skycat afraid of mice.

This is your cue,
my enemies, my friends
to throw me a round of applause --

sticky buns,
used napkins,
and apple cores!

Author's Notes

This poem came out of the February 2011 Muse Fusion. It was inspired by a prompt from Comtessa by way of Wyld_dandelyon. It has been posted publicly as the freebie for that session.

This form is called jess irrajais (rowdy poem) and is similar to the Terran tradition of Dadaist poetry. The poems do not have to make sense, and indeed, often include surreal or nonsensical images. Words may be chosen at random for lines, stanzas, or even the whole poem. The poet often mocks societal norms. Rowdy poems are usually composed by unlicensed writers and performed in unlicensed venues. The audience often shouts, pounds noisily on tables, or throws things to drown out the recitation. This practice -- which is considered applause by rowdy performers -- therefore appears in many rowdy poems, exhorting the listeners to greater heights of mayhem. The coffee houses and bars where such poetry is performed often use the poems as inspiration for house specials. "The Sugar Mouse" led to the creation of candy mice, which have become quite popular all over Affamarg.

irrara (loud)
irrajai (rowdy)
jess (poem)
emus (group)
ugemus (mob, riot)
ugemu (riotous)
jess irrajais (rowdy poem)
jess ugemuss (riot poem, riotous poem; an activist chant)
jaff ajaff (lazy stanza)

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