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Velvet Monsters and Ribbon Waves   1520.06.05  
Supporters Only!
Creators: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Illustration)
When their mainland teacher walks out in anger, Nefessa and her Duurludirj classmates must decide what to do about the assignment.
Posted: 05/30/11      [1 Comment] ~ 1347 words.

This story or poem is for logged in supporters only! Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

Nefessa looked up at the giant teacher from the mainland, then at her friend, Klatyii. "Who does she think she’s kidding?" She whispered, "Velvet flowers? I make glass flowers! Why would I want to make velvet flowers?"

The teacher frowned at Nefessa. Her hearing was apparently quite good. "You took this class because a properly decorated poem is a sign that you are an educated citizen and a civilized person." She tapped pointedly on Nefessa’s desk then moved back toward the front of the room.

Nefessa rolled her eyes. She’d taken the class because it was required by the art guild.

"I took the class to get an easy grade," mumbled Nlamuu from behind Nefessa.

"And he’s an idiot to say so here," whispered Klatyii.

"I will assume that all this chatter shows your enthusiasm for this assignment, so I will expect each of you to write and decorate two poems." She considered, "One for your mother and one for your father. I will collect them tomorrow." The teacher turned, letting her robes swish around her and walked to the door, then paused. "Since you clearly don’t feel you need instruction from me, I will leave you to it."

Author's Notes

This was in response to Comtessa's prompt, Velvet Flowers, in the February 2011 Muse Fusion.

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