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Madness   1520.07.28  
Supporters Only!
Creators: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer)
Two of Oranaan's childhood friends are now also scientists, and they ask him to go examine a damaged tree near the City of Lights so they can share their theory about who is causing the City's problems. Then something terrible happens.
Posted: 12/14/11      [3 Comments] ~ 2152 words.

This story or poem is for logged in supporters only! Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

Mlamani straightened his brand-new scientist's robes as he, Rilaru, and (most importantly) Oranaan climbed the slope outside the City of Lights. They'd been friends since second form, but this was important. He and Rilaru had examined the tree and found nothing to disprove their theory. Now they brought Oranaan to see it as well. If they could convince Oranaan, they'd have a chance to explain their theory to Emeroma.

Mlamani tried not to look at the ruined towers as they climbed; there were scientists and students clustered around, but no soldiers. The mystery had brought experts from various regions of the Empire to consult with Emeroma and her team; any Purist could get in just by donning a stolen robe. Mlamani and Rilaru were certain it was mad--or at least terribly shortsighted--for the Empire not to have a big army presence, and monitors to check everyone's licenses on every streetcorner. But no one listened to them--no one thought they were brilliant. That's where Oranaan came in.

Author's Notes

This story came together in response to prompts from the first sponsor, Doris Hernandez, as well as Ellen, Ysabet, and Mikka. Thank you all. Sponsor this story for $25!

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