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Laced Leather   1520.10.07  
Supporters Only!
Creators: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer)
Kalitelm, focused on her healer's duties, talks with Margaa during a pleasant afternoon at the hot springs.
Posted: 07/05/13      [No comments yet] ~ 1574 words.

This story or poem is for logged in supporters only! Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

Kalitelm made her slow way to Stone House though the slippery snow. The hot springs helped her joint pain, but only while she stayed in the water. Climbing out into the snow, hitching herself onto the standard-height bench, and pulling the laces tight on the special high-heeled padded boots which supported her mal-formed feet so she could walk -- it wasn't a long exposure to the cold, but it was enough to get her hurting again. The cold of winter was harder on her short limbs every year. She pulled her long coat tighter around her body as she walked from the hot springs. Stone House was one of the farthest from the water, but it was where the strangers were resting. The woman was stronger, but Kalitelm was still determined to check on her every day.

The wonder of it still hadn't worn off. People from somewhere else -- people who no one had heard of, and who weren't in any genealogy chart. They -- the strangers and her people, both -- had started to be able to understand each other, to be able to talk at a more normal rate, though there was still a lot of gesturing and pointing to supplement the words.

Author's Notes

The Muse Fusion in January, 2012 happened at the same time as Crowdfunding's Creative Jam, which had a theme of disabilities. This story came from combining that theme as a prompt with and the theme of the Fashions and Fads contest, which was also open in January.

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