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Kairbu's Treasure   poetry  
Creators: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon (Writer), Ellen Million (Inspiration), Jenny Heidewald (Inspiration)
Treasure isn't always measured in cash or tokens.
Posted: 08/29/17      [No comments yet] ~ 400 words.

The quilt is warm, with new patches sewn over old
The newer bits don't follow the original tree pattern
But Kairbu loves them, every one.
Her sister added a pink and black border
Of lopsided diamonds and triangles.
Later, red leaves were added,
Sewn by her color-blind daughter, Okatirba,
To replace green ones grown threadbare.
Then blue and yellow ones, sewn by grandchildren
With big sloppy stitches and so much love
They are just as dear as the perfect shapes
Sewn by her mother and grandmother
To make a blanket to cover her crib.

Unlike Kairbu, the skykitten is young and nimble
It leaps and lands, sprawled on the wooden floor
Its tiny claws splayed, and eyes bright.
It was bought for her great-granddaughter Kairda.
Color-blind, like Okatirba before her,
But smart and cheerful, doing well in first form.
Kairbu imagines her as a doctor someday
But now the girl laughs and chases the kitten
Who leaps and finally catches some air.
It wobbles onto Kairbu's bed, grabbing it frantically.
The quilt stops the cat's movement
And its sharp claws pull old fabric apart
Letting the stuffing show through.

"Midnight! No!" The little girl lifts the kitten
And carefully separates its claws from the cloth.
"It's all right." Karibu smiles.
"He's just learning to fly. He was scared."
"But he ripped your quilt open!"
The little girl tries to pull the cloth together.
"It's just a quilt." Kairbu rubs his tiny head.
"No, it's not! It's your quilt, your quilt of stories!"
Kairbu has told the stories of her family on this quilt--
This blue from a dress ripped climbing a tree,
That length of fashion azure was a gift,
The indigo was from Grandpa's first scientist's robes;
Every bit holds a memory of her family.

Still, Kairbu pats the child's hand.
"It's true, Kairda, that the quilt holds all my stories,
But now, it holds this skykitten's story too."
The girl touched the rips again, looking determined.
"And my stories too." Kairda sets the kitten down.
"I'll add a new patch, black like the skycat!
She looks at the length of the rip.
"And one from those green pants I outgrew."
Kairbu smiles. "I would like that."

Later, she pretends to sleep
Covered in Kairda's crocheted blanket,
While another layer of love
And another generation of stories
Is added, stitch by clumsy stitch
To her first and oldest treasure.

Author's Notes

Written for the August 2017 Muse Fusion inspired by Jenny Heidewald's “The Skycat and … ” and Ellen Million's “bedrest”.

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Characters Featured:
Okatirba, Kairda, Kairbu,

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Muse Fusion, August 2017

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